Do Not Camp At Busy Fresno Restaurants

The other morning I went to cozy Fresno breakfast spot, Benaddiction. Really great food, good service. The most interesting breakfast menu in Fresno for sure and arguably the best breakfast. You will order too much food, I’m telling you right now.

The problem with Benaddiction is: too damn small.

It’s tiny. Mini pancake tiny. Like, if you opened up a restaurant in your first apartment and there is no bedroom, tiny.

This is not what the post is about.

I’m not here to complain about Benaddiction. They are taking steps to find a bigger space and they are working well with what they have. I’m here to tell “campers” to go the hell home when they are done eating.

Campers are the people that hangout at their table and chitchat even though they are done eating and paying.

I suppose this is fine when the place is not busy and nobody is waiting for a table. But Benaddiction is ALWAYS busy and there is usually a 20 to 40 minute wait for a table.

I Witnessed Camping Myself

When last I was there, we waited 30 minutes for a table. When we sat down there was a table of two women finishing their meal.

By the time we were done with our breakfast and leaving, those same two women were still there talking. Dicks.

Look up and read the room, people. You can talk about what you bought at Target yesterday when you are in the parking lot.

That said, Pro Tip: You can do call-ahead seating at Benadictions using your Yelp app via their Yelp page.

Just don’t abuse your table time, k!?

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Author: The Fresnan

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5 thoughts on “Do Not Camp At Busy Fresno Restaurants”

  1. Interesting… I thought they were called squatters. I’ve read advice on tipping that suggests these “campers” tip more since the server would be making more $$ if they left promptly.

    1. Tipping more because you camp at a server’s table would be what a thoughtful person would do, sure. But thoughtful people don’t Camp at a busy restaurant in the first place.

  2. Great post. As a former waiter and current parent of small children, you can believe we are up and out the second we pay. Dining (or doing anything) with kids can be enjoyable, but with a giant countdown clock loudly ticking down inside my head to Armageddon.

    Quality tip there about the call-ahead Yelp app.

  3. there are people that just dont pay attention to their surroundings, have common sense, oblivious, or however you want to describe them. I never was a waiter/server but even I knew by scoping the scene that it would not be wise to just hang around. The problem is also us that we feel everybody is like us and assertive to the situation, but nope. There are THESE kind of people you described.

    I love Benaddiction on my visit to Fresno. I like the cozy space. I hope if they do find a bigger space, it doesnt lose the character that the cozy space gave.

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