About Me

I started blogging early this century as a way to post my terribly written scenes from my partially finished screenplays so that other people could see how crappy screenplays can be.

Once I figured out screenplays might not be my thing, I started The Fresnan.

I love the city of Fresno, being all about local and blogging, so it only seemed natural. I post something weekly and random posts here and there.

I also have a related newsletter called Fresno!Fresno! which we be cool if you subscribe to.

Other content I am a part of:

I co-host, co-write and edit four podcasts:

  • Flowing With Famous.  Talkin’ Fresno culture, music, retail, media, life living in a small California city.
  • Dorktown. A comedy show, we play games, go over lists, play music and remember the 1980s and 90s.
  • The Perfect Pour. This is a show for beer geeks at any level. The fun and nerdy side of craft beer.
  • Get Off My Podcast. A podcast about Harrison Ford and the movie universe he is in.

The only active thing I am doing now is beer-related videos on Perfect Pour’s YouTube Channel. I will be starting to do some vlogs soon.


I have a beer geek blog called: Mikey Top Pour.


Contact me: thefresnan@gmail.com.

Thank you for reading and following!! Cheers!

-Mikey Seay