The Condiment Of Fresno: Salsa or Ranch?

I was going to write a post simply about ranch dressing. Fresno loves it. I get that most of the country does, but Fresno seems to love it more.

We also love salsa too. But salsa is limited. You are probably not going to get salsa with your meal unless you’re eating Mexican food.

Ranch goes with pizza, salad, fries, sandwiches, with another ranch, the list goes on. But is it loved over salsa?


We all got pissed when Me & Ed’s starting charging for ranch. At this point though, I gotta say, I support paying for ranch. As long as a place gladly forks over the ranch and it’s in a decent sized container, I will happily pay.

Not every place hands over the ranch easy. They act like you’re trying to get one over on them. I can see in their eyes what they’re thinking “What’s this guy trying to pull, with these two ranches? Is he trying to make a meal out of it?”

I’m not trying to pull anything, dude! Stop acting like this is the first time anyone has ordered ranch!

If you are a business in Fresno, you should always have ranch at the ready and be happy to part with a reasonable amount.

Hell, even places that don’t serve food should at least keep a bottle around or be ready to whip up a fresh batch, you know, just in case.


So, easy choice; ranch is the Condiment of Fresno.

Hold on, chief. Salsa is pretty damn big here, too. We love them damn tacos. Tacos tacos tacos.

Chips & salsa. All day. I cannot ever remember a session when I thought ”Ok, that is enough chips & salsa for me.” I am always having to use restraint when stopping.

Salsa on every bite of my breakfast burrito. Every bite.

So, Which is it? Salsa or Ranch?

Maybe we can think outside the box here. Start putting ranch on things we put salsa on and salsa on pizza things.

Ranch on tacos? Ok, we can try that. But…

Taco Bell did it? Nevermind.

So now what do we do? I’m torn.

Fuck it, it’s ranch. Ranch is the Official Condiment Of Fresno… NO, no, no wait, it’s not. It’s salsa. We are the taco capital of the world, salsa is it.

I expect it to be given a day by the City Of Fresno soon. Fight me in the comments.

*If you’d like to hear me debate this, listen for it late in this month’s episode of Flowing With Famous:

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Author: The Fresnan

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4 thoughts on “The Condiment Of Fresno: Salsa or Ranch?”

  1. Ranch is DISGUSTING! It should not be put on or in anything besides a trash can! Additionally, aside from (maybe) salt content, salsa is significantly healthier than ranch (one is chopped up veggies, the other is just a bunch of fat and probably sugar). You could eat a costco-sized container of pico and it would mean not much more than getting a full days worth of veggies and vitamin c; a costco sized container of ranch would possibly put you in the hospital. No contest.

  2. If it’s good ranch I’ll pay. I like the ranch that Wingstop has. Usually first one is free on an order, but then you have to pay. I find the ranch that has to constantly be refrigerated and stay cool taste better. Not the ones that can sit in room temperature. I find those not as good.

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