Fresno’s Trader Joe’s Can Sprawl Its Ass To Oakhurst For All I Care

Trader Joe's Fresno
Soon To Be Empty Trader Joe’s Sign
I guess I’ve bought my last bag of dill popcorn, jar of cookie butter and mystery six-pack of beer at Fresno’s Trader Joe’s.

Just when ya think we’ve stopped the “Move North, Young Fresnan!” movement, Trader Joe’s has decided to take its talents to Friant Road.

This blows kale slaw.

Yes they do have a crappyass parking lot, but that’s no reason to abandon central Fresno. And yes, these days I consider Barstow and Blackstone, Central Fresno.

Now that Joe’s only locations will be Northeast Fresno and North Clovis (in the Taint District), I have no use for it. Fuck ’em. I protest, dammit.


You may find it silly. And Trader Joe’s will care nothing about it. But I have placed them on my BANNED list! That’s right, bro. Banned. Won’t spend money at the new place.

I may not be alone in this tom foolery.

There is a petition going around the local internets to stop this move by TRADER Joe’s. I signed it. Yeah, I know, it probably won’t do anything. But I signed it. You can too. Ey, what the hell!?

And here I was just about to get around to listening to the What’s Good At Trader Joe’s podcast. Now? There is no need.


There’s only so many discount grocery stores, Dollar Stores and Walmarts, South of Shaw can handle. 

Downtown and Central Fresno deserves something more.

I think Fresno would and could support both a Central Fresno and NE Fresno location. But, sadly, Trader’s is following the money and cutting ties. There is no heart in business these days, I suppose.

Makes ya wonder, is Whole Foods in Fig Garden Village next? Can’t be. I won’t allow it.

And since Trader Joe’s is spineless, does its copy-cat store, Sprouts, have the balls to open a store South of Shaw? Downtown? I guess we’ll see, but I’m thinking no.


Trader Joe's Mystery Six Pack of Beer
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Truth is, I choose to regularly burn my money at Whole Foods and Save Mart and only occasionally go into Trader Joe’s. A little bit more since the Blackstone Avenue Vons closed, but not a lot.

So this nerdy banning of Trader Joe’s won’t be that difficult for me, I admit.

I will miss those cheap mystery six packs of beer though.

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16 thoughts on “Fresno’s Trader Joe’s Can Sprawl Its Ass To Oakhurst For All I Care”

  1. All these people complaining of “how far” the new TJ is will none the less be shopping there within a mo the time. People are creatures of habits and adapt to every situation. It might be an inconvenience at first but they will soon get used to the drive. And the vision of TJ goin north is a little disturbing however that’s where the “money market@ is. I’m sure they’ve done a demographic study and that’s the area with the most car/foot/money traffic is. TJ is trying to UP its market and I don’t blame them. I’m sure WF will follow soon enough and they’re fans too will follow.

  2. I talked to them yesterday and they said email the company about opening a tower district location.

  3. Living by Bullard High School, Sprouts will now be closer than Trader Joe’s. Guess where I’ll be shopping? Double Ad items on Wednesdays, and better meat and produce. It’s a no brainier. Go on out to Friant. You won’t find me there

  4. Now you know how we feel in southeast Fresno. We were so lucky to get a Winco a few years ago. And we’re still waiting for Fancher Creek years after we bought our home in a new development off Jensen and Peach! People in the Sunnyside area are fed up and thinking about going to the City Council en masse!

    1. Yes, you guys should totally be making more noise about that. I’m pretty sure I remember that was one of the selling points for the development to get approved and now here we are with nothing of the amenities promised.

  5. Jeffrey Whitaker, you are wrong about this. TJ will no longer be on the way home from 1000s. It will now be a place you go on one of your 2 days off. Which won’t be me..

  6. RE: “Fresno’s Trader Joe’s Can Sprawl Its Ass To Oakhurst For All I Care”– From your mouth to God’s Ear, says the Mariposan who goes TO OAKHURST (for Christ’s sake for better shopping and comes all the way to Fresno (Merced? Not on your tintype, Pal) for TJ’s DSW, World Market, BevMo, etc.

    1. I like the Vons in Oakhurst, haven’t been in the Raley’s. You’ve got Prospector Brewing in Mariposa so you’re all set, in my opinion.

  7. I was at Trader Joe’s today and the cashier told me that they haven’t signed a contract for that building on Friant and Fresno. They are still looking for a spot. And the reason why they have to move is because the refrigerators in their store are so old that they stopped working one day and they lost $40,000+ worth of food. That’s the reason they have to move, not to move north. So there’s still hope that they will pick a location more centrally located. I certainly hope so because TJ’s is my neighborhood grocery store and it would be terrible for it to move too far away. But don’t give up hope, no decision has been made at all. Maybe they’ll listen to the petitions after all!

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