5 Most Annoying Parking Lots In Fresno

Fresno is a town of parkers. We love to drive someplace and then park there. Where can I park my thing at the thing? It better be a damn close spot too.

If we could park inside of the business we are going to, we would. This is the only way a Fresnan could be completly satisfied. You would think that the old Woodward Park Drive-In would still be around just for that fact. You were forced to park inside.

Since we love to park so much, you know that when there is the slightest thing off about a parking lot, we are going to complain about it DAMMIT!

So here is what I consider to be the five most annoying/worst parking lots in Fresno:


You have to go hours before Dog House Grill opens to get a picture like this.
You have to go hours before Dog House Grill opens to get a picture like this.

Easy pick here. The parking at Dog House Grill might be more talked about than the parking in Downtown Fresno. There is no lot in town that makes locals heads shake more.

It makes one wonder how the lot ever got approved by the city, because they do have a policy about such things. Well, Doghouse Grill is a special case. For reals, in order to get approved, owners told the city they would create a lot off-site. They never got around to that lot.

This is how I believe their parking approval happened:

City Of Fresno: Dudes. The size of your parking lot doesn’t even cover your employees. This isn’t going to fly.
Doghouse Grill: Oh shizzz. Well, what if we make a lot off-site and have a shuttle going back and forth?
City Of Fresno: I guess that’s cool. Just make sure I get some of that sweet tri-tip action first.
Doghouse Grill: Deal!

2.SAVEMART – BULLARD & WEST. Mix old people drivers with tight limited space and blammo. Prepare for that milk you just bought to expire as you wait for Old Man Fresno to move out of your way…very slowly. I can feel the tension now as I look at this pic:

Save Mart dance
The Dance of the Save Mart lot

3.TRADER JOE’S – BARSTOW. Here is another lot that is too small and shitty to get out of. But those two jars of cookie butter you just bought will make everything better once you’re home.

Trader Joes

4.CHAFFEE ZOO/STORYLAND PLAYLAND. Sorry I love these places but it sucks to park. Probably the leading lot in Fresno for roamers looking for that magic ‘rock star’ parking space.


River Park parking garage
River Park Parking Garage

Sure at least there’s a parking garage and there’s probably, technically, enough spaces. But the way they are laid out feels wrong. Some sweet spots for finding spots: In front of Cost Plus, across the street in the Target lot, top of the parking garage, or just not going to River Park at all.

Honorable mentions to:

  • The lot where Outback is.
  • Tower Theatre/Sequoia lot.
  • Fashion Fair.
  • Costco/Home Depot in the old Woodward Drive-In property.

If you have one we missed, feel free to park yourself in the comment section.

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Author: The Fresnan

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68 thoughts on “5 Most Annoying Parking Lots In Fresno”

  1. I guess it fits into the “Riverpark” category, but the Westwoods/in-n-out/Chipotle lot at Blackstone and Nees is about as bad as it gets.

    1. Yes yes! That’s another one I forgot. I like In & Out too and I don’t think I’ve ever been in that one because of the spot it’s in..

    2. This was a crappy parking lot before the redesign it for “better” flow. It should be #2!

  2. The parking garage at Fresno Community Hospital. And even if you do get a parking spot, you then must make your way through a maze to get inside the actual hospital.

  3. I whole-heartedly agree and second the In & Out/Westwoods addition and raise you a Signature Theater lot – land of the most impossible to back out of parking spots and lanes too narrow to turn down if a car is coming in the opposite direction. I haven’t been in probably ten years, but the parking lot was definitely a factor in that.

    1. Ah ha yes. That one ran through my head and I should have mentioned it. I haven’t been in a while either and the parking is a factor.

      1. The worst one is yet to come.. David Busters.. Not sure how they managed to put a building in an already tight parking lot.

  4. Number one on the list should be the NE Willow/Nees parking lot. There are odd angles and everyone cuts through the parking stalls.

    1. You are correct on this one. My parents have tried to eat at Tahoe Joes several times will visiting the area. They always give up due to the parking.

  5. How about the Jamba Juice/Chipotle /Uncle Harry’s/Betty’s/D&L Roses/scary liquor store on Cedar and Shaw?

    Or that little area by Blast Pizza in front of Ross on Shaw and First?

    You know what, every parking lot on Shaw is just terrible…

  6. Fig garden is another crazy parking situation. Especially in front of the habit and Starbucks. Leaving is even more difficult I always feel like in in someone’s way Kind of like that one parent going the wrong way at the school drop of point

    1. Fig Garden is definitely a bad one. Especially around Christmas. We call it the Parking Lot of Peril. When Gottschalks was there, Tuesdays were a nightmare (55 plus day) I will always miss Gottschalks though.

  7. I vote for the lot where Starbucks/The Broilers is off Herndon and Palm. It’s always full, brinks trucks park in the middle of it all the time, the entrance/exit is super funky…. It’s the worst! After Doghouse.

  8. The new Walmart grocery store! On the corner of Willow and Herdon! I have a salon there when people pull in behind Walgreens they drive on the wrong side both ways in and out! Totally confusing!

  9. The “North Fresno Costco” lot is only bad because everyone tries to park in front, and everyone walks out into the middle of traffic with their basket(s) of stuff. I’ve never had a problem with parking, because I park in that section of the lot on the north side of the store.

    My vote for worst parking lot is the Campus Pointe aka Maya Cinemas lot, especially the spaces right in front of all the businesses. The spots are too narrow for all the pickups and SUVs that park in there, and there’s barely enough room for 2 vehicles to pass side-by-side, especially so if there’s a long-bed, extended-cab pickup parked in there.

    All the other lots (except Bulldog Grill) are just normal parking lots with the normal problems.

    1. What were they thinking?!? The center parking aisle at Campus Pointe gets my vote for worst parking!!!!

  10. community market (chestnut/olive) … parking lot is confusing ….
    walmart (blackstone/ashlan) … so small and tight when trying to park in front of store

  11. How about that mess in front of and around Burlington Coat Factory? A true nightmare with speed bumps every 15 feet. The one across the street at Rasputin’s ain’t no party either.

    1. Agree with this one!! When the construction was going on to put the solar panels on the only covered part of lot I falsely hoped it was construction to improve parking. So wrong!!! I realize VA is trying to accommodate veterans by adding services but the parking just gets me angry.

  12. Fresno City College, though not a private business, is worse than everything on this list, and you actually have to PAY for the privilege to experience that atrocity.

  13. As standard operating procedure, we always headed for the 2nd level of the parking garage at Riverpark. It was always open and available parking. Then the brainiacs that run that place make it for employees only. Are they purposely trying to punish their patrons? Give me a break.

  14. Fresno & Clovis need to start thinking about the future now. The phrase is underground parking & parking structures. If developers in SoCal & NorCal can build even the smallest strip malls with underground parking below the buildings & street level lot they can do it here. It’s easier & cheaper now than it will be trying to build it later.

    Get their heads out of the butts of developers and being in their pockets too. Stop taking what they say as gospel. Who’s running the show?

  15. Actually the top level of the parking lot at Riverpark is off limits to anyone but employees. Talk about a bonehead move. That used to be a good place to park with the minor annoyance of juvenile delinquents who used to target cars up there for vandalism.

  16. Save Mart Center / Campus Pointe. When there is an event at SMC, don’t bother trying to go Maya.

    Hey Fresno State, should of required Kashan to build a smaller version of Disneyland’s massive parking structure.

  17. Amazing – first the hwy 41 exit to Friant as only a reminder. Poor planing on someone’s part makes the problem for the (North) community. I don’t think so. I’m sure someone in the background already knows what they want and has it planned out. Fresno City staffers need to do there job. What ever way it’s looked at, its not going to be cheap. A problem placed on your elders who help raised the speedy, unforgiving, I’m late for next weeks meeting young drivers need to step back for a moment. NO blame!! How can grandpa help? As he has in his younger days. Look at it, fix it.

  18. Bullard and West where Duch Brothers coffee is. I will not go to Max’s because you can’t get around in their parking lot.

      1. There should be some relief at the Bullard and West Dutch Bros. when the new Dutch Bros. opens at West and Shaw. It looks like that will be very soon.

        1. It does. I feel like though it will still be crazy even when the Shaw one opens. Rumor has it they are moving the Bullard one across the street to that ATM spot in front of Fig Tree Liquor.

    1. I was wondering if anyone would mention that too. That seems like one of the most annoying lots in town right now. Everytime I drive by there, there is a line of cars backed up to the Casa Corona waiting for coffee. Might be time to expand or relocate?

    1. I totally agree. My vote for the most ironic as it is located next to a Cal Trans building.

    2. Oh yeah! What the heck is that about? Never enough room for two cars to be in it at the same time. Seems like an easy fix too.

  19. The lot in front of Sierra Vista mall, I can never find the one way out of it. Also the lot at the new Sprouts/Ross on Herndon in Clovis, hard to find the exit, the Burger King drive through is a mess, and you can’t go south on Clovis or west on Herndon from there unless you have 4 wheel drive and hop some curbs.

  20. I agree with the list but definitely need to add the wing stop/blaze pizza/ parking lot on shaw by Ross

  21. Fig garden village can get crazy. I work there and I see at least 5 almost accidents every day in front of the post office/chipotle area

  22. West and shields ranchita bakery/Mexican food, Chinese place, liquor store. 2 vehicles can not fit but they have 2 way parking!

  23. You forgot Blackstone and nees, where in n out, chic fila and joannes are. Worst parking lot ever! I’d rather be in dog house grills parking lot.

  24. Surprised nobody has mentioned Sam’s Deli on First and Clinton. During lunch time that parking lot is crazy and not nearly big enough for the amount of people that go in there

  25. The Ashlan Park lot is the worst if you consider the curious rash of car breakdowns there. I know this because people keep approaching me for gas money!

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