The End Of A Fresno Nerd Era

Hi Fresnans. Welcome to the last official post on The Fresnan.

We…alright, it’s time to drop the “we” bullshit. I will no longer write new posts on The Fresnan. A little local blog journey, that never felt like it got out of beta mode, has come to an end.

[Actually this little Fresno blog is back, but let’s see where this goes…]

I feel douchey doing a closing post but I always hate it when things I like (blogs, TV and radio shows, whatever) just end without a goodbye or a series finale. So this is for that little group of readers that happen to have liked this blog through the years.

There are several reasons I feel it’s time to stop The Fresnan. The biggest reason is I’ve blogged myself into a corner, so to speak.

The main content for the blog has evolved, over time, into posts about the music scene. Mostly posts about what show is happening that particular night. This requires me to be writing on a near nightly basis (Friday and Saturday usually being an exception). That kind of blogging schedule is no longer sustainable for me. With work and family, the only time I have to write is late at night. I simply can’t keep up with it any more.

Now maybe changing the format back to the way The Fresnan was in the begining (more posts about general Fresno culture and media) would free up some nights here and there. Problem solved, right? Not really. I seemed to have lost the ability, or energy, or drive, to write about that stuff. Just lost it.

Facebook and Twitter have robbed a lot of that spark blogging once had as well. And that’s a factor. But really that’s a cop-out. Good blog content can still trump social media, I just can’t come up with enough good content to be relevant anymore.

I’ve always wanted to write more things like profiles of Fresno bands and bands that were coming to town. More journalistic style local content of stories that don’t ever reach the media. But lack of skill and time always prevented me from that.

To those that don’t know, asking a blogger about their exact stats is kind of frowned upon. It is sorta of an un-written rule amongst bloggers.

But since we’re done, I’ll tell you that there are currently 152 subscribers to The Fresnan and the blog averages 156 unique views a day.

I’ve never actually turned a profit doing this. There have been a couple years when links or banner ads have paid for the site, but I have never earned a dollar in my pocket.

The biggest post ever on the Fresnan was when I (in a tounge-in-cheek way) said that we should open up River Park to traffic. It was an attempt to make the argument for opening up the Fulton Mall to traffic, look silly. It got about 750 hits in 12 hours. One of the few things that went locally viral on this blog.

Over the years many blogs have come and gone. I’m not proud to admit it but, I always enjoy it when new blogs come out strong then fade out just as quickly.

I know what it’s like, you get that early little bit of success and recognition, think you’re hot shit, then realize it takes a lot of grinding, day after day, to keep a blog relevant. Then you give up. I guess that’s what I’m doing now, I just grinded it out a lot longer than most.

Much respect should be given to local bloggers Mike Oz, Joshua Tehee and Heather McLane. Through the years they (and some others) have motivated me to be a better blogger. Not so sure the “better” part worked, but they motivated me. They’ve been doing it for as long as me and GET what blogging is. It’s not an article, it’s not a column, it is its own thing. Glad to know they are still out there fighting the good fight.

Bryan Harley needs to be recognised too. He did The Fresnan logo for free and was also part of the Dumb Drum blog that was a motivator as well. Old timer bloggers like Ed Stewart also pushed me. Incredible people and commentors, Blake Jones and Dale Stewart, I really have to stop and say thanks to as well.

In the early years, the biggest motivator and influence for local blogging, for me and for most everybody else, was Jarah Euston and Fresno Famous. This was the beginning of blogging for Fresno and I can still remember her writing a “how to blog” post that I used to teach myself how to actually do this.

If there will be a gap left by The Fresnan not posting anymore it’s the end of the Friday “Bandgeek” posts. This one I feel the most guilty about abandoning. It was personally rewarding but took two to four hours to write every Thursday night. It was tough. I remember some times too when I would lose the post (delete it accidentally or have it freeze up and go away) after writing for two or three hours straight, then have to do it all over again.

If you want sources to find out what’s happening in music on the weekends, make sure to check:

There’s more but that will get you started. By the way: SUPPORT FRESNO’S MUSIC SCENE! There is a lot of talent around here, especially for a small city, get out there and see it.

Sorry but I will not be off the indie media radar totally. I still love doing the long runing podcast I’m a part of: Dorktown. I will be recording shows like always and posting Dorktown and podcasting related material on the blog.

This is easier for me to do because it can be done when time allows rather than having to make time for it on a nightly basis. Plus, I get to podcast with two of my best friends in the world (Producer Becky and “Bells”) so it’s easy to motivate myself to do it.

I also plan to still use my spot on Fresno Famous (I use the handle “Wiffle”) to post stuff when inspired to and have re-booted Flowing With Famous podcast with Josh Tehee. Additionally I will keep the Fresnan Twitter account active (ironically) by RT-ing and linking to relevant Fresno stuff.

I will keep The Fresnan going in ‘archive mode’ for a while too and try to keep the links updated.

So please support that stuff and Dorktown Podcast if you’re a supporter of The Fresnan. Support for Dorktown especially would mean a lot! I hope that not posting on this blog will force more creative content on Dorktown. Time will tell.

So thank you so much for reading this. Fresno is a good city that has potential to be amazing and that’s what I love about it. Support things like Creative Fresno and anything and everything creative in Fresno.

Thank you thank you, thank you.

-Mikey “The Fresnan”

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68 thoughts on “The End Of A Fresno Nerd Era”

  1. Thanks for the mention, Fresnan. I only recently got what you were doing. You’re like the 80s punk fanzine publishers with their tireless, unselfish promotion of the music they loved and the major labels ignored. Hang on to this blog it may come in handy down the road. I keep thinking they will suddenly up and close Famous one day. Then we’ll have nowhere to pontificate. Got to have a Blogger or WordPress to archive and back everything up. Don’t listen to old media, embrace fb, it will only get bigger as time goes on. The next step is live video lateral communication on fb.

  2. i totally respect your decision. you’ve done great work, and i know a lot of people who have used your blog as one of the spots to know what going on. again, great work.
    maybe one or two of your readers will check me out. that will bring me up to three or four.

  3. Time to set up an old folks home for retired Fresno bloggers, it would appear.
    Props for the long run, and good luck with all future endeavors.

  4. Big loss for the blogging community here, Mikey, but I understand your decision and applaud you for all the hard work you’ve put in over the years.
    You were an important part of the Fresno blog scene and yours is a gap that won’t easily be filled.

  5. Your blog was one of the ones that inspired me to start Weird Fresno. The blog scene has definitely changed since I started those 4 years ago and it won’t be the same without The Fresno. God speed The Fresnan.

  6. Thanks for all the hard work and effort you put in Mike. You were an early influence on me and a great introduction to the local blog scene.
    I look forward to sitting in on some more future podcasts with ya!

  7. Mikey, this blog is a Fresno gem! I’m sorry to see it go. Thanks for the support over the years. You’ve got a unique voice and you know how to drop an F-bomb proper.

  8. If they closed Famous we’d have to figure something new out for sure.
    I love the 80s punk fanzine reference. Thank you, Dale.

  9. Thanks, Cristobal. I regret not getting a Spanspek post up before I shut it down. I’ll talk about it on Dorktown so somehow even LESS people will know about it.

  10. I know, right? If this blogger old folks home has Facebook banned, vodka, beer and old 90210 re-runs and Blogger Olympics, I’m in.
    The timing of your Beehive “retirement” is weird. I seriously didn’t see that until I had started writing this post and began linking names.
    Thank you and good luck with the Full Moxie!

  11. Yeah, again, I knew giving this up kinda meant that all those night’s of work will kinda fade into nothingness eventually. That’s tough to take.
    Since Jarah left you’ve always been the blogger to measure up to for me and everybody else for that matter. Truly The Blogfather of Fresno. Keep up the great work.

  12. Thank’s! I will. Not sure what I’m going to do tonight. Actually go to bed at a decent hour or dust off the PS3… hummmm.

  13. It makes me sad too. I’m not afraid to admit I’ve been emotional the past couple days (don’t tell anyone I told you that).
    Thanks for all YOU do. Looking forward to Swedefest X.

  14. Dude. This sucks (except for the cheetos part). I think we all don’t realize how much of a factor you were in the original Fresno Famous. Thank you for that and for being an amazing musician to post about over the years. I’ll continue play your music on Dorktown as long as you keep making it.

  15. Great work Mike, thanks for everything that you have done, I always enjoyed reading your posts and appreciated all the support for 40 Watt Hype shows. Congratulations on your run

  16. I remember when you came on the blogging scene, Conlan. You scared the shit out of me and several other bloggers in town. Your talent was (still is) far superior to most and it was frustrating knowing I could never get to that level. Thank you.

  17. Go I forth unto my work, like a wild ass in the desert! On the one hand it’s awful to lose a great Fresno blog, on the other it’s heartwarming to see someone care enough about their readers to not just fade out without comment or update.
    The Fresnan’s consistency and quality of content has always been impressive and more than a little of a goad that drove me to attempt weekly updates that didn’t suck. And also, showing the tabooey sexiness of hit generation makes me quite a bit less depressed about the numbers I’ve been able to generate over the past couple years.
    Luck and good times to you and your future endeavers Mikey!

  18. Mikey, it’s no hyperbole when I say that you are one of the reasons I proudly can say I love Fresno. I’m sad that The Fresnan is ending…but I’m sooooo happy that Dorktown is still alive and well.

  19. Yeah, thanks for ruining my birthday (since I didn’t see this until today). You are such a selfish jerk…
    All pleasantries aside, you rock my friend. Your talent is only exceeded by your humility, and you are one of the most genuine folks around these parts. Since you have made several embarrassing confessions, I will make one as well. One of the few things I still have from the Myspace era is a very inspirational message you sent during the Get Out run. Get Out was similar to a blog, only with far less readers. So when someone I didn’t know (yet) took the time to send something so complimentary and uplifting, it meant a ton. And still does, really.
    So I forgive you for never allowing me to write about your whiffle ball games (ok, no I don’t actually, that story would have been epic), I still laugh every time I think of you asking me if I was the most famous person in Madera while sitting in Juan Pollo doing the Dorktown interview, and I will always relish the all-too-few opportunities I had to actually just hang out with you over the years.
    The Complications of Life 1, Fresno 0

  20. Thank’s, Pook! I surely could have kept a version of The Fresnan going but it would have been too half-assed and would not have had that consistency (which is the main thing this blog had still going for it).
    In the “salad days” of blogging, the numbers were double that… but that’s still not enough to generate any kind of decent web-banner income. Not that I ever did this to make money, I would have quit it YEARS ago if that was the case.
    Not that you really are but don’t worry about numbers, the main thing I tried to do was make a blog that I wanted to read. Simple as that.
    Keep up your good work.

  21. I still miss your timeline columns from Get Out, Dave. And I think you ARE the most notable Madera native I know (don’t tell Floyd and Travis I said that).

  22. Aw man! I just found my way back to your blog a few days ago! I do want to give you a big thanks though! When I first moved to Fresno three years ago I started following your blog and it really showed me all the great things going on and helped me feel like I could make Fresno my home. I actually even emailed you once to ask where to find a pub!
    Thanks again! I’ll definitely be checking out other projects you’re involved in.

  23. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck. I suspect that the love and dedication that you have given to this blog will translate well into other areas of your life.
    You should let this blog remain as an archive of your efforts for you and others to return to, like a scrapbook, or a family photo album.
    Best wishes.

  24. Man, I’m way late to this wake.
    Mikey: as others have said: thank you for the work you’ve put in. I’ve imagined this before: “geez, does he get up really really early and type before work? does he stay up late after working all day and taking care of that wonderful family of his?”
    I just gotta say, I’m really thankful for the work you’ve put into the community—and (everyone will agree)with so much coolness/humbleness—never a diva moment–doing LOADS of sh*t for us all…whether it’s writing up gigs or …driving P.A. systems half-way across the county to make FUSE work. Dang.
    and after all is said and done, I’m glad I was introduced to such a solidly cool person as Mr.FresnanMikey…and I’m lucky to call him ‘friend’.(not sure *what* he calls *me*!, but…) bless you Mr. Seay.

  25. That means a lot coming from somebody that does all those same things for Fresno and FUSE (and Kingsburg). Thank you so much, kind sir.
    I am very thankful to call YOU a friend, Blakey. A NO quotations friend.

  26. No worries! There are other ways to get the word about what is happening in Fresno, besides blogging. You’re already doing that by contributing your time to Creative Fresno.
    Thank you for all the time you spent blogging. I enjoyed reading your posts, sir!

  27. I can’t be the only one who occassionally wanders back here…like walking the old neighborhood….wondering if it’s poppped back to life….—and yeah, I agree with Veronica above that the landlord of this place still pulls out some pretty cool magic for the local scene–What are these *podcast* thingies anyway? Do I need a cellphone or a ‘pod’ to enjoy them? (laughs)

  28. Keep trying, Blake, you never kno…except no. Actually I’m thinking of bringing back Bootlegged In Fresno on a different site.

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