BANDGEEK!: A Rocking Vacation

We are on a vacation. That’s our excuse THIS week for having another limited Bandgeek post. Now you may ask “How DOES one take a vacation from being an unpaid blogger?” Not sure but it’s happening. Anyway, Fresno music isn’t taking a vacation. It’s working hard:


KUPPAJOE’S: Metal and hardcore from San Jose’s Me The Mountain and more:


AUDIE’S OLYMPIC: Look out. Patrick Contreras playing with the Jay Smith Group. Crazy amount of talent for one stage.

Patrick contreras

BABYLON: Huge festival size lineup, headlined by Wes Borland’s Black Light Burns. Plus all kinds of local talent like Violent Serenade, Euphoria and more. Tickets. Info:

Rockers holiday

THE LAMP POST: He was a hit at FUSE Fest and now see B. Rawcity for free:


THAI PALMS: Don’t pay a cover and Iwanaga, Halfway There and Llama Boy:


FULTON 55: Country and bluesgrass artist Scott H. Biram plus Restavrant. Tickets and details.


AUDIE’S OLYMPIC: Is that Strange Vine and Light Thieves on the same night?

Strange vine


FULTON 55: CD release party for locals Back in the Valley. Plus, Westerns:


Well that’s what we managed to
find, but we admit we don’t know everything. If you
know of a band playing, a weekend event
that’s not on here, or you want to
talk about what IS on here, please use
the comment section of this post to
its fullest!

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