Fulton Street? Dude. So Not Impressed.

Okay. So yeah, I know I’ve been away for a while, not blogging about Fresno and stuff. And yes, this Fulton Mall becoming Fulton Street is the big cool thing in Fresno right now. And I am sorry to write such a negative post, right off the bat.

But I am not feeling Fulton Street:

Fulton Street Fresno
The “new look” of Fulton Street

I know the project was short two million but I think they could have done better than that.

Sure it’s nice fresh asphalt. Fresh new asphalt is super pleasing. I can smell this new Fulton Street and be transported back to the 1950s. I can almost see Bob Falfa’s 55 Chevy looking for somebody to race.

And, okay, the art and the fountains all seem to still be in place, so that’s cool. But gosh, I was expecting a little more.

While I’m here, would it really cost that much to at least clean up the construction mess? I was totally stoked to go cruising down Fulton Street like my grandpa and stuff but there’s all the things in the way:

fulton street cleanup

HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DRIVE THROUGH THIS, SWEAR BEAR?! PICK UP THE SHIZZ! Maybe get Mayor Swear’s church group out there to clean it up or something?

Geez. I came back for this?

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12 thoughts on “Fulton Street? Dude. So Not Impressed.”

  1. Welcome back, The buildings are the same, yes but You will soon enjoy the New D.T. Fresno Environment.

  2. Hey man,

    Downtown is changing like crazy (for the better) right now! And investors are pumped about Fulton Street! With the $14 million project started early next year on the south end of the mall, and some other investments in the works that will be announced very soon.. Fulton Street is going to be a big success! Between December and the end of this month, around 20 businesses opened up or relocated to Downtown, this is going to be a great year of progress. Glad to have you back to be a part of it!

    1. Yeah we’ve been waiting a longass time for this and it’s really happening now. Downtown Fresno is legit and only getting better.

      Thank you, Chris!

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