Only Fresno Can Make A Steak n Shake Opening Controversial


Steak n’ Shake Fresno has closed!

UPDATE: Was it the location? Was it the prices? The menu? Your lazy ass not caring about a chain you knew nothing about?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Check out this for more info but you can no longer go to Steak n’ Shake in Fresno. It has closed due to lack of business.

I really don’t think the problem was putting it in the Sunnyside Area of Fresno. It was that particular spot that was the problem. Very odd, like you were in a hidden industrial park.

There are rumors that a North East Fresno location is in the works but I think it is just a rumor.

Oh well. Below is my original post about Steak n’ Shake coming to Fresno.

Original Post:

A little late on this post but… I need to talk about this Steak ‘n Shake that is being built in Fresno on Kings Canyon. Yep, Kings Canyon.

This is a new-to-Fresno burger chain that is out of Normal, Illinois. It has some cult following to it, sorta similar to In & Out and White Castle. It looks like a Johnny Rockets meets Five Guys to me.

I have never eaten or heard about the place before, but I see they got something called the Cheddar Cheesy that I will be all about trying:

cheddar cheesy

The most interesting thing about this place coming to Fresno is not the food. It’s the location. A chain with some buzz around it is being built in Sunnyside area and not on or North of Shaw. About fucking time.

Of course the Internet has issue with the location

Not everyone on Facebook is down with it being at Kings Canyone & Peach. An example:


Well, Beth. That deserves some replies. Don’t you think?


I love the last comment from Rosie, “Wow Beth!”  … Wow Beth. I really like saying that, “WOW, Beth!” I think I will be using that in my everyday life from now on. Whenever somebody does something that’s surprising or controversial or something unexpected happens, I will be saying “Wow, Beth” as a response. I hope you will join me.

Oh but Beth was not alone. There were others. Like, John:


There is a lot more than those but you get the idea.

The Sunnyside Area Deserves Nice Things

Hey, a burger joint in a Wal-Mart Center might not be considered a “nice thing” but it’s still cool.

The Sunnyside area deserves this. They were supposed to get a new “River Park Style” shopping area and that has never happened.

But if you still feel like your Northeast Flowvis area is “underserved”, you can always look into franchising a Steak n’ Shake on Willow & Nees for yourself.

Hopefully, this new Sunnyside burger joint will have Steak ‘n Shake suits like the old ones:

Don’t forget: “Wow, Beth.” This is a thing. It has begun.

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5 thoughts on “Only Fresno Can Make A Steak n Shake Opening Controversial”

  1. WOW! But you know I’m not surprised. I was on reddit fresno and reading a threads and even between Fresno and Clovis there is a big divide. Even though there was many just as nice if not nicer areas than Clovis—in Fresno, a lot of Clovis folks disregard it and only base their comparison on the questionable parts of Fresno. So no surprise to see such hate when something nice opens in Kings Canyon. This hurts the entire Fresno/Clovis community with this divide. Yes this is common to see in other big cities but it seems more prominent here in the central valley–well more so Fresno/Clovis.

    As you mentioned, this area deserves this. The kind of attitude Beth and John showed unfortunately is more common than we think around here. I hope both Clovis/Fresno residents support the new location to get people like Beth and John to venture out of their comfort zone. This also might be the problem when all the downtown projects are completed–if the many like Beth and John don’t visit it will hurt the big picture of revitalization.

    IF Ikea ever decides to open in Fresno (which you need to hype up and bring up to city officials!), they need to open smack down in the middle of Kings Canyon. It will force the middle and upper class folks from north west, north, north east fresno, and clovis to go in the area because we now how much they love Ikea. Just like when Ikea opened up in EAST PALO ALTO–which too had a notorious reputation and still does but it actually has helped the area. so we need to see more businesses opening in other parts of town

    1. I know Ikea won’t open unless there is a one-million plus population, so we have a ways to go (I only know that because I wrote to Ikea when talk of the downtown redevelopment was in gear, which never happened).

  2. That’s well said Redd however I see you are another one of those IKEA hopefuls. Not going to happen just like Southwest will never come here. But yes unfortunately the attitude that Beath displayed is much more common than is realized in this city. There’s a kinda “the other side of the tracks” mentality here that creates a further divide of people of different socioeconomic backgrounds. This is why Fresno was voted #1 in designated pockets of poverty. Good thing is I love food and I travel to all parts of town for it. So I will support this new spot when it opens.

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