Are They Really Not Going To Cover That?

park play areaHow does this new play area at Holman Park in Fresno, not have some sort of awning built into the budget?

Has anyone in the parks department tried putting their kid down a slide in Fresno in the summer? It burns. It sticks. I’m pretty sure it’s child abuse.


In the Summer, you basically won’t be able to use it during the day. Just so you know – in case kids weird you out and you don’t know much about them – children like playing in the day. Sorta key for a play area to useful when the sun is out.

I’m speaking up for the kids…yeah that’s the ticket, for the kids. I, an adult male, would never want to play on this. Because I’m an adult and that would be silly. That slide doesn’t look inviting at all:

park slide


Maybe it’s not too late. Maybe it’s going to be the last thing they install, since they are not quite done with the project. But I see no evidence of it.

Come on, guys, I want to slide-it-up in the shade… I mean my kid. My kid really wants to slide it up.

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Author: The Fresnan

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8 thoughts on “Are They Really Not Going To Cover That?”

  1. YES! Totally agree, a lot of parks are like this. It’s useless during the summer. It should be easily remedied by adding those awnings I see some parks have.

    This has to be addressed not just for this park, but for the several out there.

    How can this be escalated for the city to realize this? Their response might be “Even if we put an awning it will be hot AF anyways so no one would be outside anyways so why?” lol

  2. I totally agree. For a single guy without kids like me I don’t understand why the city would do such a thing. I can agree with Jim in what the City would say…but I can REALLY see the Citysaying this “although we appreciate the concept of an awning…they are quite expensive and we just don’t have that money in the budget”….smh. I’ve been to PHX. A lot of thur outside things like parks have awnings and misters smh. But then again…that city has an excellent tax base that fuels city budgets. Unlike Fresno smh.

  3. Why not take a page out of Clovis Unifieds plan to cover parking areas at certain schools with awnings and solar panels atop. It would seem that the project after time could almost pay itself back…..or am I being a bit too ambitious here for our city?

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