Who Else Likes Fresno Video?

Years ago, doing this blog, there wasn’t much Fresno video content out there to talk about. Any time somebody shot a video at all Fresno-ish that wasn’t horrendous, it became post worthy.

Things have changed. Video is easier to do.  Although, I don’t shoot local shows like I used to, so it must be tough for me.

So, I thought I would check in on some folks I remember that were just getting started in the game. Folks like Windsong, Blare, Ppl and Meza Films.

Shots of Downtown Fresno and Eva Scow? I feel like I will like this:

Yep. I did. Now who has some rad drone shots of Downtown Fresno?

Thanks, Terry. Please don’t fly over my pool at 10 o’clock at night – you will not like the footage that comes back. And by the way, did NOT see that as a video that would be possible 10-years ago.

Don’t forget, Arthop is Thursday:

It’s exciting seeing all the creativeness going on in the video space in Fresno. I’ll keep watching if you keep making stuff.

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7 thoughts on “Who Else Likes Fresno Video?”

  1. We need more artsy type videos like the Eva Scow video but showing more key parts of the city and more wide angle shots of the landscape and surroundings.

    You forgot to mention this video
    I understand they were trying to copy the Justin Timberlake video but it left me wondering why they didn’t showcase more areas. it could have used some drone shots to show the landscape or panning shots of the vastness of a 500K+ population city

    but i guess its a good to see we’re headed in the right direction

    1. Thanks, Jim, I forgot about that one. Yeah, it could have used a couple more groups of people to cut to, but a nice video. Props to them for getting Mayor Swear to dance like that on camera! It would take a lot of money or a lot of beer to be in that video.

  2. Mike. Pretentious or not the video does portray Fresno in a positive light. Let’s face it…i. Order to appeal to the demographic that has money to invests, the video HAS to cater to the pretentious crowd.

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