This Popolo’s Pizza problem needs to get sorted out, Fresno

popolo's pizza front

UPDATE: Consider this sorted out; statement from Popolo’s:

We’re excited to announce, that Popolo’s Pizza & More! will be relocating to 7835 N. Palm Ave. #106, off of Palm & Nees in Fresno!

As saddened as we are leaving our Blackstone & Herndon location that we have occupied for almost 31 years, we feel that the matters we’ve been faced with these last couple of months, has forced us as a family to make this decision.

Our new location will have a large banquet room, patio, arcade and a beer & wine bar. With relocating to Park Place, we will be able to keep our existing delivery area & expand it, and also still be close to our previous location where our customers who live or/and work close to the area or travel from across town can find us a short drive up the street.

We want to say “THANK YOU!” to all of our amazing family, friends and customers for all of your support & patience during this difficult time. We will keep everyone updated as much as possible for all of the new & exciting things to come!

Thank you,
The Greene Family!
Popolo’s Pizza & More!
New location coming June 2016!!!!!!!!!!

You are not going to take this lying down in your soft, sinking booth, are you, Fresnans? Popolo’s Pizza is temporarily closed. My breadstick craving gizzard is weeping. No salad bar. No pizza. No tube televisions to watch. No booth dividers to remove. Checking the taps in the waiting area is pointless. POINTLESS! *drops to knees* WHY, GOD, WHY!?!

It apparently has something to do with the building’s foundation. The floor of Popolo’s currently looks like this:

Popolo's Pizza floor

Did you see that!? The gap between the floor and earth? What is there like a hidden creek running beneath Pop’s? There is not supposed to be a crawl space in that building. So yeah, I can see why it might not be wise to be open with that lurking underneath.

Luckily they don’t own the building so it’s not on them to fix it. But they are not making any money right now and I’m am sitting around waiting to give them mine in exchange for a Van Ness Extension (hold the peppers).

This. This is serious guys. Oh these sad lonely booths:

empty popolo's pizza booth

I would look damn good sitting in one of them. Proudly making a plate of potato skins disappear and ordering another Tioga Sequoia XPA #DrinkLocalBro.

So what’s the update on the place? Let’s get this figured out, dammit! Well I got this from Popolo’s Pizza themselves:

“The time frame I was given once the repairs are started are 4-6 months. We’re currently looking for a new location as backup plan to try and open sooner.”

Noooooo, 6 months would be too rude! So let’s hope this whole thing gets sorted out a lot quicker than that. That damn magic salad bar is calling to me.

Check Popolo’s Pizza’s Facebook page for future updates or check back here. And if you have a good salad bar/pizza/beer/comfy booths place you recommend to hold us over until Popolo’s comes back, the comment section is all yours.

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3 thoughts on “This Popolo’s Pizza problem needs to get sorted out, Fresno”

  1. 4-6 months!? Yikes! Maybe a new landlord wouldn’t be such a bad idea! I haven’t been in much lately, but there was a time when Popolo’s was a favorite and I remember it being excellent pie and a nice place to be. Sorry to hear they’re having to endure this kind of nonsense. (And thanks for reviving the blog, The Fresnan! It’s a pleasure reading your stuff.)

    1. Ahhh, thanks Jeff!

      Yeah one of the things I love about Popolo’s is it’s the same as it was when I was a kid going in there. If they move, it won’t be the same but I will still follow (unless they move to Clovis like BC’s did). Too bad their is a new Korean BBQ place in there old location at Shaw & Marks, it would have been a perfect fit.

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