Where Is THE Place To Pull Off Highway 99 In Fresno?

I have a lot of thoughts about the 99 corridor in Fresno. Most of them are bad. It ain’t exactly a pretty way to see Fresno. It ain’t pretty and very little has been done since it was built, to change that.

There is a big rabbit pot hole I could go down about how bad a first impression Highway 99 gives people traveling through. But that is a post for another day.

Today we figure out the best place to exit off the 99 in Fresno. The best place for you, the person traveling through, that only has time for one stop and likely won’t visit Fresno again.


I imagine you are coming from Los Angeles (but it doesn’t really matter) and there is nothing South of the Highway 41 interchange. Nothing. So we’re going to head slightly North and try Downtown.

If you’re a beer geek, get off at Ventura and head East add you’ll see Full Circle Brewing. Go. Enjoy. Head a block & a half more and visit the regional beer king, Tioga Sequoia. Maybe pop into Bitwise, get a glimpse of Fresno’s rising tech scene. Did you see the baseball stadium? Yeah, that’s where the Fresno Grizzlies (aka the AAA Astros) play.

The rest of Downtown? There’s a lot going on, there really is, but you don’t have time for that today, you need to get back on the road.


We have a food element and a fun element here. The fun is Roeding Park with the renowned and newly expanded Fresno Chaffee Zoo. Not to mention Storyland and Playland.

Then go across 99 on Belmont and have a good-ass burger at Triangle Drive In.


Once it could only boast the throw-back truck stop called Kline’s. Now (if you go West over the tracks) you have a Five Guys burger that was SOME FREAKING HOW voted better than In & Out for best burger place in the country. Five Guys just copied In & Out, how the hell could!?…. nevermind. One day it will have a Crackle Barrel, if you’re into that. For now, there is an Olive Garden and High Speed Rail construction. Oh and there’s a rad song:


Speaking of In & Out, here is your 99 spot to get your Double Double and “animal style” fries. But the best thing about Shaw & 99 is also THE unique place in Fresno: Forestiere Underground Gardens.

A unique view into our Trinity Courtyard #undergroundgardensfresno #thingstodoinfresno #visitfresno #realizefresno

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And it is this wonderous and unique place that makes me choose Shaw, with a visit underground, as the place to get off Highway 99 in Fresno. Have fun. Let me know what you thought. Tell your little L.A. friends all about it.

*Highway 99 photo by Raymond YU. Downtown photo credit: Blogspot.com

Author: The Fresnan

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6 thoughts on “Where Is THE Place To Pull Off Highway 99 In Fresno?”

  1. I usually read your whole article. But when I seen the topic I just scrolled straight down and started my comment. It’s HANDS DOWN Herndon and 99. Why??? The same reason why Turdlock has a. Street impression than Fresno because when you pass through Turdlock you pass through several Power Centers complete with all the modern stores and restaurants know throughout the country. When people pass through Fresno all they see is old decrepit antiquated parts of the city that doesn’t inspire curiosity and enthusiasm. It spawns insecurity, fear, and depression.

    1. It’s a big problem for Fresno that nobody talks about. I don’t know what the city can realistically do to improve it without help from Cal Trans. Not sure if anybody has ever tired to do anything to improve anything along 99. Shaw & 99 is still STILL not landscaped.

  2. I agree with the Shaw & 99 exit, but man during peak travel times that road is a beast to exit on or off of. Also, visitors have a good choice of eats and the requisite small travel purchases at Walmart or Target (aka the bathroom stops).

    1. Agreed. It’s terrible to get around when there is any traffic and it has never been landscaped either. It’s a big issue for the city that has never been addressed.

  3. If you’re coming from LA you’ll hit Shaw before Herndon. Fix the ordering of your shit, Mikey! 🙂

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