If You Can Spot What Is Wrong In This Fresno Traffic Pic, You Are Not The Problem

There are some things we need to work on before Fresno can be considered a “smart driver” city.  Some would say a lot of things.

I would say there are two key ones to start with.

  1. Leave space. Yes, create a space for people leaving a driveway or street that deserve a chance to be on your street or to be able to turn into a parking lot. Don’t block shit. Where are you going that is so fucking important that you can’t afford to let one car in?! Admittedly, I will still do this on occasion. Hey, I don’t really mean to, but it happens. Then, of course, when the other driver is staring me down wondering why I had to block his way, I sit and pretend he is not there as I beg for the light to change.
  2. Leave the right lane open. You are at the intersection of a two lane street without a dedicated right turn lane. You move to the right lane to go straight. You are now blocking the person behind you from turning right. If you spotted this as the problem in the above photo, you already know this and are cool. I know it’s not always practical to leave that lane open, but it should be thought of more.
We Know Some Stuff

One thing I do like that we do right? Not honking at the person at the front who is waiting two seconds after the light turns green before he/she goes. This is a big tip to maybe help you not get into an accident. Wait two seconds before heading out into the intersection.

If you have a tip to help Fresnans drive smarter (and I’m pretty damn sure you do), please comment.

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6 thoughts on “If You Can Spot What Is Wrong In This Fresno Traffic Pic, You Are Not The Problem”

  1. Yo Josh, the first thing I noticed about that pic is is the red car appears to be too far over the crosswalk. And it’s not very rational to keep the turn lane open. 99% of people aren’t going to have the wherewithal to look behind them in the rear view mirror to see if that person behind them will have the turn signal on anyways so they’re assed out. They just going to have to wait. If it’s a real big issue and creates a backup of traffic, then the city will step in and add a turn lane. What I hate is like on B stone making a right hand turn with 5 cars behind doing the same turn…but you have a green light but you’re yielding to peds crossing the street; and the 5th car doesn’t realize what you’re doing and starts honking their horn. He’s the dumbass but won’t realize it until he’s closer to the turn, but by then you’re on your way and can’t find him to plead your care and tell him that he’s the dumbass.

  2. Stop running red lights! Especially at blackstone and Herndon. I’ll see 4 cars blow the red light when they’re making a left. We need to bring the red light cameras back

  3. Keep the right lane open? That’s ridiculous, Josh. The real answer is that a driver is taking photos instead of driving.

  4. The real issue with Fresno and California traffic is get your slow ass out of the G D left lane! If there is someone on your ass or coming up quick, MOVE BITCH! More accidents happen when people are forced to move from left lane to the next right lane to get around a slow left lane driver than any other highway accident.

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