What Will Be The First Chain on Fulton Mall-Street?

I don’t really want any chain/corporate places on the Fulton Mall Fulton Street. But it’s coming. You damn well know it. Hell, to some, it’s kinda the point of the whole thing.

And what with Fulton Street asphalting as quick as it can…

…it’s time to talk about this.

There are those that would say, having a Starbucks and a Chipotle open on Fulton Street will signal it is back. To others, the thought makes the stomach turn.

But really, will the first be a Starbucks? Chipotle? Habit? Pieology? Maybe an Apple Store (that actually would be kinda rad):


Maybe, David Pismos Westwood Yosemite Ranch Tahoe Joe Fansler, could prove he is the Fresno Restaurant Master and open a place on Fulton.

Could Fulton (no CVS doesn’t count) stay all local and no chains? I’m interested in finding out.

(Apple Store graphic by Marc Blake)

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Author: The Fresnan

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14 thoughts on “What Will Be The First Chain on Fulton Mall-Street?”

  1. Whatever brings life back to downtown is okay with me. I wasn’t pleased when Fig Garden Village allowed the chains in, but it has worked and the center is thriving. I’m hoping there are some grocery/food stores downtown as I would love to spend my old age living downtown where I could walk to all the places I need to go.

  2. great job issuing the challenge to david fransler. putting restaurants at riverpark is shooting fish in a barrel. show us what you’re really made of and open your next yosemite pismo bbq downtown on fulton.

    i feel like a chipotle would be an easy one.

  3. The first major chain on Fulton, especially if it’s a restaurant will KILL IT! I think it will take a while to convince a major chain it’s worth while.

  4. I’m sorry but many people will hate chain stores, but in all honesty, it is needed. Then from there open some unique establishments. The chain stores will bring people in and hopefully they will discover the other new things around the area. It has worked for many places not just in Fresno. The many pessimists of Fresno will obviously hate this, but if they want the city to move forward it has to get with the times. As Delaine Zody said above about Fig Garden Village, I’m sure many hated chain stores, but now that place is considered a “nice” area of fresno to go to.

    Lets face it, we need to bring the affluent people to downtown and what more than chain stores. So YES a starbucks has to be there. if you want something different than starbucks, then how bout maybe the fist Peet’s coffee. Maybe even a Philz. I think starbucks has to be there no matter what and then maybe across the street or down the street a Philz or a Peets to spread out the coffee snobs.

    I definitely would be nice to bring an upscale retailer to downtown. That would definitely give the impression of “we made it” type of feel. If the city can bring an Apple store there, I believe other higher upscale retailers will follow.

    Here is an idea how bout Nike’s first official Central california store. I’m not talking about an outlet store like in Tulare, but a full on Nike (previously niketown). Fresno State is a Nike school, there is no official Nike store other than in Tulare in the outlets or the gilroy outlet and then that outlet in the middle of no where past bakersfield.

    Point is, there NEEDS to be familiar retailers and to be ambitious and to get bigger name retailers like apple, nike etc to downtown. Some may argue the demographic in the area may not be in the economic bracket to spend at these stores, but hopefully the gamble will get people in the affluent areas of north fresno or clovis here.

    I know Fresno prides itself in it’s history..maybe why it takes so long for them to move forward, and why as big as fresno is, in many ways it still feels like a small town–which isn’t bad. But it is key for success that they do “sell out” and get chains and maybe they can make it work with old and new ideas to mesh together and have a successful downtown.

    1. I just looked at google maps and you are right, a TARGET would be great. There is NO target nearby in the sound end of fresno/downtown area. I believe the nearest one to downtown is on shields and first.

      The nearest movie theater is in manchester. i could see a movie theater working in downtown if downtown becomes more of the “place to be”

      1. I think a Walmart “neighborhood store” would be more appropriate for DTF. Target needs more of a pop density of people living within a certain area and I’m not sure if DTF has it. Walmart “Neighborhood store” is a severely downsized version of Walmart with cheap prices but more importantly more for a niche store with more of a personality which I think DTF should go for. Instead of the bland blah blah typical large corp brand stores.

        1. Target also has scaled down stores in urban spaces. I hate Walmart and refuse to shop there. If a Walmart were to open downtown, it would not have my business and I know many of my fellow downtown dwellers feel the same way.

  5. I have a feeling it’ll be something like a ROSS or Big Lots, something low end like Fallas (which is a chain)

    1. that would just be a bad move . esp a Fallas, it will turn downtown to what i would hope wouldnt. a polished turd. i hope the city is more ambitious than that.

        1. Yeah, there’s a Fallas there. Which if it sticks around will make it the first chain on Fulton St.

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