The BRT Is Not For Me Or You, Fresno

In case you were asking “What the hell?!” while avoiding all the lane closures and construction while driving down Blackstone lately, BRT is being built.

Suck it up, chief! It’s just a freaking little closure here and there. Big whoop.

You might be thinking “But dude, I don’t ride the bus. The BRT is no help to me.” Yeah, well, I don’t either. 

Riding the bus seems complicated. What if the bus I’m getting on is going to take me to the wrong place? …like Clovis. Talk about screwed, cowboy.

But that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you or I ride FAX or will ride the BRT. It’s not just for you and me. 

We can’t all be cruising Blackstone in a slick 96 green Saturn complete with the head-turning spoiler. Some Fresnans need that bus action. The BRT will give riders a better experience.

Plus, you don’t have to ride this new BRT to enjoy its benefits. Look how slick construction guy is:

That guy doesn’t give a rake if he needs to get on a bus or not. He’s just hanging out in that Jetsons style bus bench, waiting for some action.

(Graphic stolen from Better Blackstone)

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Author: The Fresnan

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One thought on “The BRT Is Not For Me Or You, Fresno”

  1. Yes I agree with you Mike, I don’t and never have taken the bus, BUT its important to have good public transportation infrastructure for the wellbeing of our fair city. Now, I’m a firm believer in the belief that if you want something nice, then sometimes you just HAVE to pay for it. A prime example of this is Measure Z with the Zoo. I went to the Zoo last Sat for Safari night and had a BLAST. I couldn’t believe how much the zoo has changed. I mean, its world class!! But there’s some people that had a problem with the Measure Z tax because there belief was, “I don’t go to the zoo so why should I have to pay tax”. The zoo should and is a crown jewel of the Central Valley. Same with BRT, its important that we have it, even though I don’t use it.

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