Sounds Of Fresno: Shred & Jets

Some F-15s and a tree shredder: just another Fresno day.

I have a love/mild annoyance with the Fresno F-15 Jets.

I’m pretty much right under their path for taking off. I honestly like watching them (shout out to the 144th Fighter Wing) but when you get three to four of them all taking off within a minute of each other it’s like…

“Okay kids, that’s enough fun, it’s gettin’ kinda loud, shut it down for the night.”

Something I’ve noticed, when there are just two and they take off real quick and jam out and don’t come back around to do another takeoff? They doing some real shit there.

I assume it’s to see if they can catch up to some UFO, but maybe it’s a Russian MiG that they need to take a Poliroid picture of:

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Author: The Fresnan

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