Fresno Sucks At Parks

UPDATE! Before you get into the meat of this post, know that the Mayor has since pulled his initiative and we now fully support the Fresno Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Initiative.

Here is the original post:

Alright, let me sort this out.

There is an item called Fresno Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Initiative that is gathering Fresno voter signatures so that it can be put on the November ballot. It is being helped along by Fresno for Parks.

If voters pass it, it would be a local funding source for our parks through a 3/8-cent sales tax in the City of Fresno. It would raise 38 million a year for Fresno park stuff.

This is cool because Fresno is shit when it comes to greenspace. In fact, we rank 94th out of 100 cities and at one time have been ranked THE WORST CITY IN THE DAMN COUNTRY FOR PARKS!

This city needs help

So great. A little bit of sales tax provides a better city to live in. Trees rule. We pay a little bit more for a night out at Pismo’s and one day we’ll have some more parks to go to and the existing parks will be cleaner and safer.

Easy peasy. See you on the coming bike trails along the canal banks.

Wait. Enter, Mayor Lee Brand.

Mr. Brand has announced a SEPARATE major tax initiative. One that would fund more police and fireman, PLUS park facilities and programs.

Please read Fresno Bee writer, Brianna Calix’s, article about it and the details.

The mayor’s initiative needs five of the seven Fresno council members to vote yes to get the measure on the ballot. It appears nobody on the council is supporting it.

You’d expect the conservatives and tea-bagger loons to vote no to anything taxes. But it is surprising the conservatives are voting “no” to helping police and fire. And the city of Fresno definitely needs help there.

Fresno’s Fire Department is working with the same amount of staff as it did in 1985. In case you have not looked around, there is a grip more people here than in 1985 and that is scary when you think about it.

What is going on here?

Even democratic members of the council are saying they will vote no for this. You would think it is because they are supporting the Fresno Clean and Safe Neighborhoods thing, but it’s not. At least they have not said that. It seems they just don’t want new taxes. They think they can find funding somewhere else.

Where the hell is “somewhere else”? You really think there is some department in the city of Fresno that is over budgeted and that will give you some money for parks? Jesus. Even Fresno’s “liberals” are Republicans.

So I don’t know what to do here. In a perfect world, I would vote for a parks initiative AND an initiative to fund more fireman and police programs that help neighborhoods.

The reality is if both measures are on the ballot in November, they will likely cancel each other out.

The Fresno For Parks people are willing to work with the Mayor so that we don’t have competing measures in November. Let’s hope he does or the Parks measure passes on its own.

Either way, we have to pass one of these. Fresno has waited to damn long for park support and letting another year pass with nothing will dig a deeper hole for Fresno to climb out of.


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4 thoughts on “Fresno Sucks At Parks”

  1. For some reason I thought the parks initiative tax was JUST for parks. I signed the petition st Griz fest to put it on the ballot. I thought it was gona be like a measure Z thing and look what THAT has done for the zoo! But now comes pub safety INCLUDED in the tax?? Nooo, I’m not for all that noise. The damn FPOU has too much damn power and they keep asking for more money. 70% of the budget goes to police and fire. And their damn pension payments are simply unsustainable. Jerry keeps harping in 1k officers-I bet even IF they get that it still won’t make a difference in the crime here. Due to prop 47 and 57 and AB109, they will be released as soon as they’re caught. And don’t EVEN get me started on the homeless. Smmfh.

    1. The Parks initiative that you signed IS for just Parks!!
      The Mayor has a SEPARATE initiative that includes fire and police. I probably should make that more clear in the post.

      1. You DID make that clear! Some people don’t read clearly though, LOL. I’d like to see a 1/2 cent tax to be split between the 2 proposals. I think that’s got a better chance of flying.

    2. in defense, the crime in fresno is considered low compared to other big cities. A lot of people in the valley, notably fresno always seem to not look outside the box and compare fresno crime to small town clovis—–the city of barely 100,000 people compared to fresno’s nearly 550,000 people. Data out there shows Fresno has lower violent crime rate than sf, la, sacramento, oakland, and long beach. I also believe there was recent story showing how crime in downtown and surrounding areas are down considerably compared to historical data. An area that has always been plagued by high crime. The high pension of cops and other gov jobs isn’t isolated to fresno. simply google transparent california. Pension is high for all these positions in other big cities. That is certainly a more broad issue, but when crime—a focal point of stigma in the city of fresno for years, is finally improving (improved) and can continue to improve, why not? Not saying I’m against the parks, because as mentioned Fresno is a joke for green space for a big city. Sacramento has slightly less population and they are ranked super high in the green space/parks. Both things have to be addressed. We want to be world class city, hell raise the tax up to 9.25-10% like others. Plenty of money to go around for both if not more then. Those who hate it, can move to madera, or further south to visalia or somewhere.

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