Fresno Bands On Bandcamp To Support, Play and Download

Bandcamp is the definitive place on the Internet for small and local acts to release their albums to. Bands are even able to make a little bit from this, at least enough to generate some operating cash, if nothing else.

Normally Bandcamp takes a fee from the band when someone buys a song or album. Lately, with everything being shutdown and bands not able to generate any revenue besides the selling of merch, Bandcamp has been choosing certain days to wave their fees so bands can get as much cash as possible.

So, I guess, watch Bandcamp to know when those days are or just buy as much as you want when you want.

Speaking of, as a way to support Fresno area bands, I have compiled SOME of the local acts with albums on Bandcamp. It’s a mix of my own suggestions and Fresno Twitter suggestions.

That’s Cloudship:

Brian Kenny Fresno (also suggested by Matt Hackney):

and of freaking course, Fashwan:

Okay, Josh, *acts like he doesn’t know* let’s check out I’ll Grow Back :

and The Strikingly Originals :

Short King aka @JohnnyAppeal from Numbskull Shows has a perfect suggestion as you can spend some time with this page because it has a bunch of classic Fresno hardcore albums, including one from Most Inspirational:

Fresno music royalty, Dale Stewart, has a new track to download:

He also has a great site for lovers of old Fresno Punk, it’s a must for music explorers.

Local musician, Christopher Estep, has some killer suggestions: The Miss Alans, Motel Drive:

and a personal favorite, Sparklejet:

Woah, that’s a lot of goodness. I know a couple of those and they are rad. Eighteen Hundreds:

and The River Wilde:

HarmsWayChad rocks this suggestion of Stoneshiver:

CarRide18 says not to sleep on King Sugar but they too don’t seem to have anything on Bandcamp.

ScottyBerg comes with the second reco for Conversation:

My boy Matt from Tioga’s Beer Garden and the Perfect Pour, sees a LOT of local music come though, he has some thoughts:

Natural Thrills:

Fay Wrays and Joel Robert Melton:

Elmo Marconi:

The Light Thieves:

IjustWant2Tweet would like us to GAZE some Sleepover Disaster:

Daniel Weimer suggested Small Town Killers but I don’t believe they have a Bandcamp. That goes for FresYas’ hope for the Ragging Grannies.

Hey, MaxWellTrent says The Medium Blue:

Resident UFO comes in with one I am highly on board with, Macondo:

I also have a few to throw at you, first being WereBear:

My boys Farooq:

And a compilation album I had a small part in putting together, Fresno Covers Fresno. You can’t get anymore Fresno than Fresno bands covering Fresno bands:

Ohhh, Aire Espacial has a new one:

I knew this post needed something…it was more metal! Amenthes:

A muy excellent suggestion by Craig Sharton for 40Watt Hype. They don’t seem to have any proper music on Bandcamp but there is this:

So enjoy all that Valley Floor goodness and try to support with your wallet where you can.

I’ll keep updating this post when I find more and get more recos, so keep checking, supporting, sharing and listening.

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