Well We’re Not Getting Over That Pass Today, Let’s Drink!

I was going to write a post today about Tioga Pass still being super buried under snow. But then the Bee did one and I was like, “DAMMIT! THAT WAS ALL I HAVE!”

So I guess I will move onto writing about local beer. And not Mammoth Brewing beer because you can’t get over there to Mammoth because of the aforementioned Tioga being buried. 

I’m talking about drinking beer in a library. The Woodward Library to be exact. Thursday you can go to a fundraiser there that will have plenty of Fresno beer and food too. 

I plan to actually leave the comfort of my couch and attend. Hope to see you out there. I don’t especially like going into N.E. Fresno but at least you don’t need a snow plow to get in.

Speaking of, if you have not seen it, here is how the work is progressing getting Tioga Pass clear:

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Author: The Fresnan

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