Top Fresno Street Names

Yep. This is a real post. The best Fresno street names according to me. Oh, and you will not find “Palmdon” on this list because there is no way that can be a legal name.

So. Take a cool name and add a little city importance, you get this:

  • Van Ness Extension. Like hell if we’re going to think up a new name. Let’s just slap “extension” on it, even though it’s over a mile away.
  • West. Because it actually goes North & South.
  • Ivy League School Series. Yale. Harvard and the other ones and stuff.
  • Bullard. When you drive through Fresno State’s fields you can go all fast and there is the slight danger of a tractor crossing your path.
  • Palm. Premier bike lanes in the city – suck it, Brandau.
  • Shaw. It sounds like something Wayne or Garth says, in place of “AS if!” “ShaWW right.”


  • Fulton. Part of the lazy “just use San Fransico street names” series.
  • Blackstone. It has all the things; even HOOKERS! Wait. Blackstone still has hookers, right?
  • Fresno. Duh.
  • Friant. It’s also a dam. It’s dangerous. It totally flooded by Woodward Park the other day.
  • Weldon. Fun to say. Wel Don. Weldon. Weldadadon.
  • Fruit. Because fruit is what makes the cash around these parts and I have a totally “legally purchased” Fruit sign on my work bench.

Not making the list is Ashlan, Tuolumne and McKinley, because they are hard to spell.

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Author: The Fresnan

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13 thoughts on “Top Fresno Street Names”

  1. north- because it’s actually south
    and whitesbridge because that’s where i grew up and sat on a porch imagining there was a white bridge somewhere on the horizon. there was not.

  2. Thanks for the fun post. I hope this isn’t know-it-all-like, but some additional info that may be of interest… There’s also an East Street that runs north and south. You can see it in southeastern downtown. Fulton was previously J Street, but was renamed for local legend Futon Berry. My alma mater, Dartmouth, is missing from the Ivy Series, but Michigan is in there? Who did that?

  3. Oh, and Whites Bridge is named for James White, who built a bridge over the Fresno Slough near Mendota.

  4. Fun fact: all the streets downtown that run southeast to northwest are letters of the alphabet – A through U, though some have been renamed like I to Broadway, J to Fulton, K to Van Ness. Then the streets running southwest to northeast are named after counties in California – Los Angeles, Sacramento, Merced, etc.

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