Top Fresno Street Names

Yep. This is a real post. The best Fresno street names according to me. Oh, and you will not find “Palmdon” on this list because there is no way that can be a legal name.

So. Take a cool name and add a little city importance, you get this:

  • Van Ness Extension. Like hell if we’re going to think up a new name. Let’s just slap “extension” on it, even though it’s over a mile away.
  • West. Because it actually goes North & South.
  • Ivy League School Series. Yale. Harvard and the other ones and stuff.
  • Bullard. When you drive through Fresno State’s fields you can go all fast and there is the slight danger of a tractor crossing your path.
  • Palm. Premier bike lanes in the city – suck it, Brandau.
  • Shaw. It sounds like something Wayne or Garth says, in place of “AS if!” “ShaWW right.”


  • Fulton. Part of the lazy “just use San Fransico street names” series.
  • Blackstone. It has all the things; even HOOKERS! Wait. Blackstone still has hookers, right?
  • Fresno. Duh.
  • Friant. It’s also a dam. It’s dangerous. It totally flooded by Woodward Park the other day.
  • Weldon. Fun to say. Wel Don. Weldon. Weldadadon.
  • Fruit. Because fruit is what makes the cash around these parts and I have a totally “legally purchased” Fruit sign on my work bench.

Not making the list is Ashlan, Tuolumne and McKinley, because they are hard to spell.

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Author: The Fresnan

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13 thoughts on “Top Fresno Street Names”

  1. north- because it’s actually south
    and whitesbridge because that’s where i grew up and sat on a porch imagining there was a white bridge somewhere on the horizon. there was not.

  2. Thanks for the fun post. I hope this isn’t know-it-all-like, but some additional info that may be of interest… There’s also an East Street that runs north and south. You can see it in southeastern downtown. Fulton was previously J Street, but was renamed for local legend Futon Berry. My alma mater, Dartmouth, is missing from the Ivy Series, but Michigan is in there? Who did that?

  3. Fun fact: all the streets downtown that run southeast to northwest are letters of the alphabet – A through U, though some have been renamed like I to Broadway, J to Fulton, K to Van Ness. Then the streets running southwest to northeast are named after counties in California – Los Angeles, Sacramento, Merced, etc.

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