The Season Of The Mosquito: Fresno Summer 2017

Whaaaat the faauck with the mosquitos This year? Worst. Ever. We even had to release a crapton more mosquitos in attempt to calm down the bad mosquitoes and made national news for it.

This has been used liberally all Summer.

Have you ever noticed that you get bit more than your friends do or maybe you are the lucky one that rarely gets stung?

I get bit more than most and a post by I Fucking Love Science has explained why this is, including this chart:

Did you see the beer drinker
factoid? DID you!? That freaking sucks.

My favorite Fresno thing is relaxing on a patio or by a pool, in the evening, with a beer. I am a prime candidate for mosquito attacks.

At least it SEEMS like the mosquitoes have been calmer this week. Maybe they are on their way out for the year.

Which is good because I don't want to resort to living like this:

*Mosquito pic from here.

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Author: The Fresnan

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