Sicko Fresnan Taking Joy In The Pacific NW Heatwave

Portland has been pulling in some of our most interesting Fresnans for years, I hope you understand why I am enjoying this NW heatwave so much.

I kinda love seeing people new to heat react to it. Here are some of my favorites:



Naked Portland:

Rattled Portland:

Shutting down because of the heat. Which seems kooky to us but remember that they don’t have AC all over:

Upstairs Portland:

Animated Portland:

Streetcar Portland:

Kombucha Portland:

Lettuce Portland:

Cat Portland:

Maybe we should start being more dramatic about our heat, Portland is getting a lot of content from it. They could try to move their readings location.

If you are reading this from Portland and need some heat tips, I have some for you.

Let Me Turn The Temp Down Here

Sorry, I’m having fun a Portland’s expense (because they definitely deserve it from Fresno), but remember to keep the animals out of the sun or inside during this time!!

For you? Drink lots of water and find all the shade.

I was working on the side of the road the other day and I guy came up to me on a bike, handed me a cold bottle of Gatorade and said “Here you go bro. Be safe.”

Be that guy.

And I know, Portland will go back to normal eventually and we’ll still have our Fresno Summer. At least we won’t be so drama-kid about it.

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