Pot Is Making You Lose Your Damn Focus, Fresno!

Our Mayor is thinking he will defy a state law and probably not allow pot dispensaries in Fresno. Screw the millions in revenue. Don’t need it. We got all them millions already. We good.

Even the SO-CALLED liberal newspaper, The Fresno Bee, doesn’t support legal pot.

Welcome to California’s Bible Belt.

To be clear, this rant is coming from a NON pot smoker. [for realz] I don’t inhale.

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Mayor Brand sent two Fresnans to Colorado to check out how things were doing there with the legal pot. Turns out, they couldn’t figure out if it was good or bad. 

So police chief, Dyer (one of the people the Mayor sent) just gave a blanket “No, bro” reco to Brand. This was enough for our Mayor to conclude he’s going to say no because that seems safe.

Is Dyer running the city or Brand?

Come on, Fresno. Wake up to the fact we are in California. We need to be progressive.

“Oh golly, I hear a pot dispensary might get broken into every once in a while.” THIS IS YOUR CONCERN!? We’ll be ok, snowflake. Fresno can handle this.

Do you realize children get shot in this city for being in their front yard at the wrong time of day AND YOU’RE FUCKING WORRIED ABOUT A BUSINESS GETTING BROKEN INTO IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!? As if other businesses don’t get broken into.

Holy shit, man. It’s called priorities. Get them. Maybe take care of our meth, poverty and gang problem before focusing on shutting down LEGAL pot.

Have you ever heard of a guy in Fresno carjacking somebody or shooting somebody because he was super fucking baked? No, of course you haven’t!

Reporter: What happened here, officer?

Policeman: The male suspect was seen getting super high earlier and then started stabbing everyone and stole a car.

You hear how ridiculous that sounds, right?

Please worry about real stuff, Fresno. Take advantage of being in California and mellow out. 

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Author: The Fresnan

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8 thoughts on “Pot Is Making You Lose Your Damn Focus, Fresno!”

  1. Lee is a clown, a follower. He needs to realize that hes NOT going to be able to please everyone. He needs to pick a side and stick by it, geeze. And why the fuck is he going to send the Police Chief out there? You know what the fuck hes going to say??!! ” No bro”. OF FUCKING COURSE!!! I’m not a weed smoker, I hate the shit, it stinks, and I think its going to have negative effects on our city and the people that live in it. HOWEVER, just like so many other city leaders….its just so hard to pass up that revenue. So with that said, reluctantly I say lets do this or else we are going to be left behind ONCE AGAIN and other Valley cities are going to reap the benefits of extra money for police and fire and something else but I forgot.

    1. Yeah I am not a fan of being around pot either. But the benefits far out way the negatives, when it comes to legal pot.

      Yeah and it was worthless to send Dyer. He was going to advise NO, regardless of how many positive things he saw.

      1. True. But city of Fresno, broken down, approved it with Clovis and North Fresno voting against it.

        My main point is that we need to embrace the fact we live in California and stop acting like we live in Tulsa.

        1. Oh nice, I wasn’t able to pull up the more detailed broken down results.

          I’m for making fresno better and that requires money. Tax dollars, and this is a huge opportunity.

          When I saw the results per county I was surprised to see Fresno was against it. I’m curious what mindset/thinking people are having to feel it would be a bad thing.

          A lot off central valley counties as you saw are against it. Perhaps there is a deeper tail. Passing it will cut into the politicians underground ring of marijuana sales for their own personal profits lol. jk

    1. Agreed. Maybe a dispensary gets broken into here and there. Maybe a teenager (with unfocused guardians) somehow gets pot easier. I can live with that if it means shutting down a huge amount of crime that comes from gangs and cartels because of illegal pot. Not to mention the destruction of areas of the Sierras because of illegal pot grows.

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