A Motto That Would Make Just As Much Sense As “In God We Trust” For Fresno City Chamber

So Fresno City Councilman, Gary Bredefeld, apparently has the time to request the City Of Fresno ignore the whole “separation of church and state” thing and vote that the Fresno motto be changed to “In God We Trust.”

Jesus. [smh]

Do we all really need to be thinking about worthless stuff like this? Are things that boring around council chambers? That’s not even an appropriate motto for Fresno.

I can think of some other ones that would make just as much damn sense as “In God We Trust” for Fresno. Let’s see a few.


  • In Grapes & Almonds We Trust.
  • Live and Let Die.
  • Yes. Tri-Tip Is An Actual Cut Of Meat.
  • Tornado Free Since 1976.
  • We Have Water Meters Now.
  • Just Win, Baby.
  • This Area Is Patrolled By Turner Security.
  • Tacos Next 17 Exits.
  • The Force Is Stong In Our Family.
  • Most Of Our White People Moved To Boise.
  • You’re Right Back In The Mess.
  • Make Mine A Double.
  • Snakes. Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?
  • Cher Slept Here.
  • Home Of The Uncle You Barely See.
  • Welcome To Flavor Town.
  • You’d Think This Is Paula Abdul’s Hometown But It’s Not.
  • Traffic Signals Are Just Suggestions.
  • Pat Hill’s Fu-Manchu Controls the Northern Part of the City.
  • Same As It Ever Was.
  • Roth or Hagar? We Say Hagar.
  • I Can See The Mountains Today.
  • We’re As Confused As You Are.
  • Hey Bud, Let’s Party.
  • No Spoilers! We Missed The Walking Dead Last Night.
  • Our Mom Thinks We’re Pretty Cool.
  • We Haven’t Even Eaten Lunch Yet.

Hey we’re having fun here and I don’t mean to bash good God fearing folk. But a statement about God (as cool a dude as he is) is just not needed here in the City Council Chambers.

Your Jesus time and energy would be much better spent feeding hungry people, supporting those less fortunate, backing your fellow church member during personal tough times and helping Fresno in other ways.

So thanks but no thanks.

Check out Gary Bredefeld talking about this subject on Even Onstot’s show over at KSEE 24. I haven’t watched it yet and I doubt God has either.

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Author: The Fresnan

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5 thoughts on “A Motto That Would Make Just As Much Sense As “In God We Trust” For Fresno City Chamber”

  1. But it’s our nations motto!
    It’s on our currency!
    It’s what we tell our flag!

    Watch out pinky commo heathen!

    Without the morals from the bibles I would be eating my neighbors children!
    It is required that In God We Trust be plastered everywhere less I start feeling doubt (and then eating more children)

    I never understood ‘those whiny atheist’ discussions when this shit is going on in our freaking government. Anyhow, I’m sure that old scary skygod really thinks Gary is doing..the lords work? I’m certain Gary does. And he want’s everyone to know it.

  2. “We Were a Mini Series!”
    “So Far, So What?”
    “Cheap Houses”
    “You Want Fries With That?”
    “Fresno, The Midwest of California”
    “Fresno City Hall, Home of the Bribing House Buildiers”

  3. If we’re going to put irrelevant things on the wall, why not rent out the space and get an endorsement check? How about the Wells Fargo Fresno City Council Chambers?

  4. How awful! Why would the city want to go and do something so short sighted? This only makes sense if you are an anti-american, constitution hating, liberty loathing, freedom despising, fascist.

    Do these council members understand that it was added during the “Red Scare” of the 1950’s as a PROPAGANDA tool? What a bunch of tools!

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