Did Mayor Ashley Swearengin Do A Good Job For The City Of Fresno?

Pic stolen from fresnostatenews.com
Pic stolen from fresnostatenews.com

We know that Swear Bear’s time as Fresno Mayor is almost over. So I would like to see what you think of her term as Fresno’s Boss.

Kick all ass? Sorta cool? Terrible? Let’s see what you have to say:

If you don’t feel like clicking on the poll (or even if you do), please fill up the comment section with your opinion. I will too.

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6 thoughts on “Did Mayor Ashley Swearengin Do A Good Job For The City Of Fresno?”

  1. I liked her enthusiasm. I think she did a good job during the recession. However now that it’s accepted as the “new norm” we see the city taking a downturn based on all the cutbacks she made during the recession. A lot of trash and garbage built up on the freeways and surface roads, backing of the most powerful union I. The city..COPS etc.

  2. I will say she did a good job. She has been enthusiastic about changing the image of Fresno and making it better and be the big city that it is. I like her stance on the high speed rail and the need for a better downtown with the revitalization. Economy has to spread throughout the city and it was just downright shameful downtown saw no economy because the afluent areas of the north would not even set their foot in downtown. Her push to make downtown relevant to bring people from around the city in will not only help the economy but maybe portray downtown fresno as the image for those outside of fresno as the basis of how far the city has come. And her push for the high speed rail can see how she knows how big of a game changer it is for the city as it will bridge the gap to the Bay Area so much closer and possibly bring bigger companies to the city of Fresno, but also bring a bigger tech sector here a long with more people who can stimulate the city’s economy through possibly real estate.

  3. Hands down kicked butt and ran circles around Mayors from the past…and in heels. She meant what she said and said what she meant.

  4. Proud of Mayor Swearengin! Appreciate her leadership during a tough economic recovery. Fresno is really developing and downtown is revitalizing in a great way. Love her focus on developing poorer areas.

  5. Ok, everyone so far on this site has loved her, and I could too, especially given her stance that if we didn’t make plans for the high speed rail, Fresno would be left under served. BUT, have you seen what her unrelenting push to open the Fulton Mall to car traffic has left us with?
    It is pitiful! Every tree is being cut down, all art has been removed for “cleaning” in L.A., the beautiful craftsmanship of the mall’s surface has been ripped out and black topped. The buildings, which were softened by the trees, are run down and ugly.
    Surely new baby trees will be planted, but where is the sense in cutting down 50 year old, healthy, mature trees in a climate like Fresno’s? Do you like to breathe? Do you like cooling shade? And not only the Fulton Mall trees have been “murdered” (strong words, I know) but the trees on the side malls as well.
    On to the art; did the mayor look for anyone local who had the expertise to clean the art? Instead, it was shipped to L.A…Hey mayor, that’s ours! It will be surprising if we get it all back.
    And finally, do any of us really suppose that letting cars drive the mall will have some miracle effect on commerce? There were lots of folks on that mall, but they were not the north fresno type, so eventually, the small businesses catering to these folks will be driven out.
    Another beautiful, historic part of Fresno history has, once again, been trashed. Thanks a lot, mayor.

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