I May Have Ruined Fresno’s Chance At A Fieldwork Taproom

I’ve been trolling Fieldwork Brewing’s Twitter account.
Occasionally when they announce a new beer being released at one of their taprooms, I re-tweet and add something like “And soon our Fresno Taproom”.

You see, California allows breweries to open up a certain amount of “remote” or satellite taprooms. Remote being a taproom not on the grounds of the brewery or in their home city. Fieldwork has one in Berkley (main brewery) and four remote taprooms: Napa, San Mateo, Sacramento and soon to be Monterey. State law allows five remote taprooms.

Fieldwork has only one left to give. I want it to be Fresno.

Berkeley’s Fieldwork Brewing is arguably the hottest brewery in the state. They make damn fine beer. It would be a real kickass thing to have them open up their taproom here. We are on the look out for coolass things for Fresno after all.

Hell, maybe a rooftop Fieldwork taproom in Downtown Fresno? Sounds pretty freaking sweet to me and you can add it to the Ale Trail, bro.

But don’t get excited, Fresnan. I may have been trying too hard and messed it all up – the story of my life. 

At first, a recent Twitter troll looked promising.

SUCCESS! They want to take a tour! I’m The Fresnan and on a craft beer podcast, I can show them some cool junk! Let’s do this!

But then they started researching shit.

“Wait until the fall”? That is basically “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” DAMMIT!

But as long as there is still a chance for the one remaining taproom to come to Fresno, I’ll keep trying. I don’t care how many beers I have to drink while waiting. I will not do it for me, I will do it for Fresno!

*pic stolen from thebrewermagazine.com


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Author: The Fresnan

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5 thoughts on “I May Have Ruined Fresno’s Chance At A Fieldwork Taproom”

  1. Dude! Maybe they’re looking at the highs° posted for Fresno in the last month and thinking “Sheesh, let’s wait ’til fall…” Is possible, right?

    1. I dunno, I’ve been to their brewery quite a few times in Berkeley, and yeah, it’s pretty good, but I don’t think that Fresno not getting a taproom is the end of the world either (after all, we ARE going to have multiple *local* breweries within a couple blocks of South Stadium). That said, this just further demonstrates the continued preponderance of the “Fresno isn’t cool” mentality around the state and the nation, which is a sad thing. And yes, we can continue to do our own thing (we do that pretty well), which will hopefully improve our image. But there are a few cool small businesses around the state that I would love to see open Fresno locations.
      I do appreciate you reaching out to cool businesses like this (especially ones that aren’t huge conglomerates…I would have a very different comment if you were going after a “Bud Light Taproom”), I think that the more people reach out, the more they are going to take notice. You might not win them all, but you might just win one or two.
      P.S. Send them a picture of the weather in Sacramento the next time they do that (it probably won’t be much cooler, and was actually *warmer* last week) and ask why it didn’t stop them there.

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