I Am Voting Yes On Measure P For The Fresno I Deserve!

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Sometimes Fresno has to figure things out its own damn self.

That’s what Measure P is. Fresnans having to go around the Mayor and the City Council and get something done for Fresno when nobody else will.

Fresno is horribly behind the rest of the country when it comes to green space. At times we are the worst. The damn worst. Like, no other city in the County is worse, worse.

For a little numbers perspective on how bad we are:

Sactown spends so much more it isn’t even comparable and Bakersfield doubles us! Really!? BAKERSFIELD?! … Bakersfield?   Fucking Bakersfield.

Aren’t we better than Bakersfield at, well, everything?! I guess not.

No on P People are just scared.

Having a completely funded Police and Fire force and occasionally filling in a pothole is all they care about. Apparently, that is all a city is good for.

The Mayor and all those that oppose Measure P do not trust me, don’t trust you. They think you can’t do two things. They think, if you vote yes on P, there is no way you have enough fire in your belly to vote yes for something else. That something else being more taxes to bolster Fire or Police.

If we really need to, we can vote yes for all the things. It’s fine. Please stop selling Fresnans short.

Best thing is, I don’t have to do anything but mark YES!

I won’t have to plan any of this. Won’t have to dig a hole or grade a field. Just fill in the box next to yes.

You might say I won’t even have to pay for it because there is no way in hell I am going to notice a 3/8 cent sales tax.

What does it matter that my table’s bill at Pismo’s is $141.85 instead of $141.03! I don’t know if that is the right math. I stopped fancy math learning around Freshman year at Bullard.

But that is pretty close to what it would look like, you get the point. It’s not going to be noticeable and it will do a lot of good for our city.

If nothing else. If you never vote. Vote for this!

On Tuesday. Walk in. Mark “Yes” on P. Get sticker. Walk out.

Then one day expect to find a trail or park where there wasn’t one before and you didn’t have to do a damn thing.

If we don’t vote yes for this now, Fresno will be stuck with the same amount of Parks. The same amount of sub-standard existing Parks. It will be that way for a long time.

You KNOW that our Council will not do anything on its own. You KNOW our current Mayor won’t do anything. You KNOW it will be more of the same.

We can not have “more of the same”!

Please let’s go around city leaders and get this done for Fresno our own damn selves! Vote “YES!” on P!

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Author: The Fresnan

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5 thoughts on “I Am Voting Yes On Measure P For The Fresno I Deserve!”

  1. its so bad its laughable. Whats worse are there are actually a good amount of people who oppose measure P. It’s like, dont you want your city to be better? What is the city feeding these people that they are actually getting through in a way that makes them believe saying yes on P is a bad thing. Then you got Jerry Dyer police chief against it saying money should be used for police force etc. Yet statistics and he himself are showing Fresno is pretty darn safe right now for this size of a city. Stats actually show Fresno is safer than SF, Sacramento, definitely Oakland, LA and other big cities in CA.

    I SMH because theres actually a debate and argument on this from people in Fresno. “Fresno, where citizens complain about everything, but when things are happening to improve the city–they complain and try to shut it down” It’s why for a big city, Fresno is slow to keep up with other desirable big cities in CA. Need more progressive liberals moving here to water down conservatives.

    Fresno residents will complain and go against anything. The argument about tax is a joke. What’s fresno right now 7.975 or something like that. Compare it to San Jose 2 hours away with 9.25 tax. Even a small increase we are still below the average I believe I read i CA. And as you used in your pismo cost, hardly noticeable. But like I said, Fresnans will complain about anything good coming their way. Google the debate about that Animal shelter in NW fresno. someone DONATED the land already and people over there trying to shut it down, citing ridiculous reasons why animal shelter wouldn’t be good.

    1. I have been hearing radio commercials that try and say this measure puts public safety at risk and it puts safety ahead of Parks. It’s actually the opposite.

      So pathetic.

      1. Fearmongering like they always do. It’s a money grab by the police and fire. They also have Darius in their pocket. Smmfh.

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