Fresno Assets

What do we have here? It feels like the time of year for list making. Let’s reestablish some Fresno stuff I think is cool.

  • Diverse as fuck.
  • Bitwise.
  • Bubba hanging out at Starbucks.
  • Basecamp for the Sierra Nevada’s, including three National Parks, one of which considered to be by some as the most beautiful place on Earth.
  • Paul George.
  • Tacos.
  • Fresno State.
  • Views of the Sierra Nevada range after it has snowed and the air is clear.
  • Old Fig.
  • Sunny days.
  • Small town vibe with city amenities.
  • Tri-tip.
  • Low levels of traffic compared to other California cities.
  • Swimming pool season.
  • Trains (except when waiting for one).
  • Underground Gardens.
  • Kopi.
  • Fresno Chaffe Zoo.
  • Cheap (by California standards).
  • Art Hop.
  • Many good sushi places.
  • Summer nights on patios.
  • Your mom’s house.
  • Fruit trees in backyards.
  • Tower District.
  • Fulton Street.
  • The Fresno Grizzlies.
  • Brilliant sunsets fueled by farm dust.
  • Mural District.
  • Solid Tappanyaki scene.
  • Fashawn.
  • Heroes Comics.
  • Tigoa Sequoia Beer Garden.

I’m sure you have some Fresno assets you’d like to share that I missed. Leave a comment with them, or on your social media with a link to this post.

Author: The Fresnan

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4 thoughts on “Fresno Assets”

  1. What social media, blogs, etc need to be more keen on doing is battling the long stigma of crime in Fresno. Yes its obviously true years ago, Fresno was known for crime and gangs. But as crime went down and gangs eradicated, the stigma still stayed. We can say other good stuff but when a crucial part about living anywhere is still on people’s minds, it doesnt help the city. With that said, crime in the city of Fresno (not even fresno county) is actually low compared to other (even more desirable) BIG cities. And people have to stop comparing crime from a small city like clovis to half a million city like Fresno. I read this information on reddit recently that will put things in perspective:

    comparison between big cities can be found here:
    and here:

    homicide stats:
    For comparison:
    Fresno COUNTY (fresno, clovis, etc): 32
    City of Oakland alone: 66
    Alameda COUNTY (includes oakland): 85
    Contra Costa COUNTY: 38
    San Francisco: 42
    bay area source:

    So this is a huge asset that always has to be mentioned. Fresno is f-ing safe place to live compared to other big cities.

    Also to add,

    Derek Carr – NFL
    Quincy Pondexter – NBA
    Aaron Judge – MLB
    Tyler Johnson – NBA
    Brook and Robin Lopez – NBA
    Davante Adams – NFL
    Sloane Stephens – Tennis (ranked top 5 in the WORLD!)

    Fresno is on an upswing and we just need to keep pushing. More positive social media presence has to be out there.

    1. This is great information, Redd! You are right, we really gotta start working on educating people that we are not the crime-riddled city that we are depicted as (I include myself as someone that needs to stop believing our crime is bad in comparison to other cities).

  2. You forgot the Rogue Festival, Reel Pride, and Swede Fest. All of them are awesome and all have gotten us positive national news coverage.

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