In Fresno Tonight: Daytrader, JJCnV, Pato

At C.A.F.E. INFOSHOP: Religious Appeal and Not Fragile brings Daytrader (ex-Crime In Stereo, Rise Records) to town. Playing with Fresno's Restaurnaut and Superheroes In Training. [$5, 8pm, All Ages]



At THE LAMP POST: Fresno's Passion Bucket opens up for Mesa/Phoenix's JJCnV:


Also at EB:


BANDGEEK!: Saturday Is A Fresno Music Nerd’s Dream Day

Nothing against the fine shows happening Friday night, but DAMN! foos, Saturday is going to be crazzetz. Enjoy the holiday weekend, Fresnans. Get out there and BANDGEEK!:


FULTON 55: Come out and support Creative Fresno's Mural Project, proceeds go to bring more murals to Fresno (aka MURALTOWN!) Love the mix of bands on this one (complete with set times):  8:00 Lisa’s Big Night Out, 8:45 Suicide Lounge, 9:30 Lezayr, 10:15 Blake Jones & the Trike Shop and 11:00 Motel Drive:

FULTON 55 Creative Fresno Flyer

AUDIE'S OLYMPIC: Performing stuff off their newly released CD "Unashamed Portrial" is The Jay Smith Group (Jay Smith-keys/synth, Eva Scow-mandolin, Tyler Cravines-drums, Pat Olvera-bass). Plus The Experience with Eva Scow:


C.A.F.E. INFOSHOP: Reggae ska and punk represented with Iwanaga, Checkered Past and more:

Checkered past

THAI PALMS: Local talent, no cover, North Fresno… 2 out of 3 aint bad. Whatever The Matter, SixHandsMouth and Not Perfect Humans:


THE NEXT BAR: More Fresnan rock with Outside The Wire, Broken G String, Palm Kids and more:


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BANDGEEK!: Looks Like It’s ‘Who Gives A Shit About Making A Flier!?’ Weekend In Fresno

We like fliers. They give info so we don't have to search it out and type it into a blog post. Plus they're sometimes pretty to look at and they give some weight to a show. Just a little pro tip to all you venue owners and promoters. Yeah, I know you're thinking "But I already know this, you asshole blogger!" Do you?…Do you?

Props to those with fliers this week. This is…BANDGEEEEEK!:


THAI PALMS: New Rock 104.1 and The Antourage present Home Grown with This Planet Prelude, No Cause For Alarm and Tommy Marquez:


THE LAMP POST: Fresno's Llama Boy will rock the art right off the Lamp Posts wall – you should be there for it:


STARLINE: Rock with Death Alley Motor Cult, Hammer Down Sindrum, Spacehooker and TangenT. [$5, 8pm, 21+]


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BANDGEEK!: Mom Loves Some Metal and American Rock To Go With Her Weekend, Trust Us

There is good music all around Fresno, you just gotta know where to find it. Find it here. It's time to… BANDGEEEEEK!


KUPPAJOE'S: We have faith that Jesus will be head-banging at this show with I The Mighty, Mercury Bullet, Stories In Braille and Corsair:


AUDIE'S OLYMPIC: Fresno's Light Theives with the newness of Ghost Skin Coat…or something like that:

That guy kevin

CYC: Metal and hardcore from ITheDeceiver, Murder My Hero, Behold The Device, Sagas and Embrace The Nightmare:


SPECTRUM ART GALLERY: Art it up with music from Sahab and Former Selves:


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Do This Fresno!: Go Mall To Mall


It is Bike Month douncha know Fresno!? Plenty of things going on in town this month – Fresno is working its way to becoming a biking city, if we're not already. Wednesday is a very cool event called the Mall-to-Mall Ride…actually it probably WAS a cool event since you're probably reading this too late because we totally suck ass and only posted about this the night before…*sigh*

What would have happened is you would have joined up with other local cycle-heads at Manchester Mall and had a escorted ride to Fulton Mall. More details on I Bike Fresno.

Yeah so we missed that. At least there is Bike To Work Day on the horizon.