BANDGEEK!: Saturday Is A Fresno Music Nerd’s Dream Day

Nothing against the fine shows happening Friday night, but DAMN! foos, Saturday is going to be crazzetz. Enjoy the holiday weekend, Fresnans. Get out there and BANDGEEK!:


FULTON 55: Come out and support Creative Fresno's Mural Project, proceeds go to bring more murals to Fresno (aka MURALTOWN!) Love the mix of bands on this one (complete with set times):  8:00 Lisa’s Big Night Out, 8:45 Suicide Lounge, 9:30 Lezayr, 10:15 Blake Jones & the Trike Shop and 11:00 Motel Drive:

FULTON 55 Creative Fresno Flyer

AUDIE'S OLYMPIC: Performing stuff off their newly released CD "Unashamed Portrial" is The Jay Smith Group (Jay Smith-keys/synth, Eva Scow-mandolin, Tyler Cravines-drums, Pat Olvera-bass). Plus The Experience with Eva Scow:


C.A.F.E. INFOSHOP: Reggae ska and punk represented with Iwanaga, Checkered Past and more:

Checkered past

THAI PALMS: Local talent, no cover, North Fresno… 2 out of 3 aint bad. Whatever The Matter, SixHandsMouth and Not Perfect Humans:


THE NEXT BAR: More Fresnan rock with Outside The Wire, Broken G String, Palm Kids and more:


STARLINE: Local rock with The Red Coats, Session, Sea Of Sound and Valley Of Ashes. [$5, 9pm, 21+]

THE LAMP POST: Fresno's Before Perils strip it down and pack the LP. [$?, 9pm, 21+]

KUPPAJOE'S: On vacation, back next week.


C.A.F.E. INFOSHOP: Since it will take all weekend to list & link the bands playing in the amazeballs music festival, we'll let the info packed flier do the work. Note that 11AM is "punk time" K?


FULL CIRCLE BREWERY: Favorite flier of the week! Before Perils, Roger Perry Band and more good stuff:


THE RANCH: It's not just a house show, it's the fucking indie mother of all house shows. Insane lineup of top notch acts. Too many to list but you must check out They Call Me Greyhound, Elmo Marconi, Light Thieves, Fast Car, Fierce Creatures…shit this is too much:


FRESNO FAIRGROUNDS: This is really quite lucky and spectacular for Fresno that this is happening here: The Hmong Music Festival. A big lineup with acts from all over, but also including Fresno talent like Fields Of Prey, Shoebox Confessions, Fourth Seal and more:

Hmong music festival

STARLINE: A night of local eclectic music with The Long Black Veils, Jimmie O and the Sovereign Stone:


THE LAMP POST: This art bar is not afraid of the metal with Hands That Kill and more:


CYC: During set breaks at Doll Fest, metal on over to witness a Failed Creation and more:


AUDIE'S OLYMPIC: The return of Go Buck Yourself the "Evil Mutha Fucker":



FULTON 55: More benefiting with KFSR!:


AUDIE'S OLYMPIC: A couple of interesting touring bands stop in for the holiday. Little Owl from Santa Barbara and Portland's Hosannas. Presented by Love The Captive. [$7, 9pm, 21+]

Well that's what we managed to find, but we admit we don't know everything. If you know of a band playing, a weekend event that's not on here, or you want to talk about what IS on here, please use the comment section of this post to its fullest!

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