BANDGEEK! Black Veils, White Gloves, Crooked Metal, Sad Horses, Fatty Cakes and Old Tires

Let's get some knowledge on what's doing down band-wise this weekend. Let's…BANDGEEEEK!:


AUDIE'S OLYMPIC: Fresno indie-folk-rock band The Long Black Veils headline this local rock show. Stellar support from Third Rail Power Trip and Llama Boy:


FULTON 55: Rising reggae band Sono Vero with Fresno's The White Glove Service and more:


CAFE REVUE: Forget the coffe, go to the back and rock with Lezayr and Mercy Fist:


ARTE AMERICAS: Santa Cruz' Audiafauna and some tasty Dusty Buns:


THAI PALMS: The Homegrown Fridays tradition continues, this week with Silva/Sonstegard, George Anthony and The Remedy:


THE NEXT BAR: It's metal:


CYC: Tour stop for Mexico hardcore band Days Of Struggle. Plus Fresno's Failed Creation and more. [$?, 7pm, All Ages]

FULL CIRCLE BREWERY: Some pretty impressive veteran rock coming through town with the Travis Larsen Band and Points North. [$?, 8pm, 21+]

STARLINE: Local rock from Van Houtens Band and more (wish we could tell ya more but that's all the info that was findable). Serious.


TOKYO GARDEN: Yes, finally a good show at Tokyo, it's been a while. Sad Horse is a two-piece girl/guy guitar/drums punk band from Portland. One of the members is also in a band you may know called Fuck. All around excellent local musician Niilo Smeds is playing solo and so is Fatty Cakes. And now presenting the most timely flier in Fresno history:


AUDIE'S OLYMPIC: Fresno's Old Tire Swingers have been touring Earth so much (and are going out for more) that this Fresno show is really just another stop. Plenty of solid backing for this show with Poor Mans Poison, Deep Chatham and Copper & Glass:


KUPPAJOE'S: It would be advisible to get tickets ahead of time for this one. CD release show for PK (SLO/Fresno). These guys seem ready to break out and there can't be too many more chances to see them play in such a small venue. Also playing is My Beautiful Surrender and Wise Club:


FRESNO BREWING COMPANY: Probably won't matter much if you know who Ephiram is, just come out to have some good craft beer and listen to Jimmie O & The Same Old Sorrow:


CYC: Amazingballs. All female fronted punk bands with Dead Ringer, Melissa & Paul, Strip Tantrum and Sci-Fi Caper:


BABYLON: Even bigger metal with Serpant & Seraph, Violent Serenade, God Fears me and Crucial Point:


FULTON 55: A Free show featuring local talents: Keeney (will be recording a live CD), Soul Intact, Geoff Thurman, Bob Watson, The Keeney Brothers Band plus Shattered and Speedo Geeze. [Free, 8pm, 21+]


Well that's what we managed to find, but we admit we don't know everything. If you know of a band playing, a weekend event that's not on here, or you want to talk about what IS on here, please use the comment section of this post to its fullest!

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  1. I highly recommend checking out Sono Vero’s new EP “Babylon Lady” on Spotify. These cats are all under 20 and sound tight! Very impressive…solid reggae grooves, soulful vocals, overall fantastic stuff. I’ll be there.

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