BANDGEEK!: Strange Vine headlines and no more Ranch-ing in Clovis

Let's figure out what the hell is going on this weekend, shall we? It's BANDGEEEEK!:


FULTON 55: They don't get much better folks. Maybe Fresno's best band, Strange Vine. That's fine right there. Also, back from entertaining the troops: Poor Man's Poison. Add to that the return of He's My Brother She's My Sister and you've got one hell of a show:


KUPPAJOE'S: Formally called In Oceans Common Crooks come to Fresno. Playing with Love Is, The Body Rampant, Mongrel City and Weary Hands:


AUDIE'S OLYMPIC: Hard rock that's not to be messed with: Saviours, Meth Leppard and Handlebarz:


STARLINE: Rock with Lowcrawl, Death Alley Motor Cult, Vanishing Affair and Outside The Wire:


SWIGGS: Hey, not everyday old swiggers swigg swiggys has a show. Interesting one with a dude they call "The Subway Idol" Joe Taylor, coming all the way from New York. Famous Whitewater has told us all about him, so go read up and check out the show. [$10, 9:30, 21+]

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Found Fresno: Old Cedar Lanes Signs

Location of an old Fresno sign graveyard.

Of course you know about Cedar Lanes being no more. All of Fresno misses Cedar Lanes already, even if you never bowled there. There is nothing left but a crappy-ass Wal Mart trying to be a Trader Joe’s.

But what happened to the classic signs Cedar Lanes signs? They found their way to the Commercial Neon sign graveyard:

Cedar lanes signs

You can check it out for yourself at 5547 North Golden State Blvd. All lanes are open.

In Town Tonight: The Shrine, Assemble Head, Blue Crown and a buncha other cool stuff

AUDIE'S OLYMPIC: This one should pack out Audie's. Nice to have our boys The Fay Wrays and The Quiet Americans out again. They are joined by Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound (SF) – their sound "…is a soundtrack for strange days and futures bright and bleak. But there is also a crooked thread that runs backward through every Assemble Head record." Also playing is The Shrine. They came through town recently and are "…young, backyard pool-shredding, acid-dropping Californians." Show details:


FULTON 55: They are making this a tough choice, maybe hit this one before Audie's. Fresno's own Jailbreak (rockabilly, americana), Blue Crown (members of Let's Go Bowling, Circus Bogus and more) and Westerns (just damn good rock). Should kick ass:






CAFE INFOSHOP: We believe there will, allegedly, be Threat Level Rising, Superheroes In Training, So It's Come To This and Decrats (Corona). [$4, 7pm, All Ages]

New Music Tuesday: Actress “Pocket Sounds”


Little known (too us anyway) Fresno electronic band, Actress, is playing Saturday night at the big send off to The Ranch. Looking like an excellent lineup with other fine Fresnans like Fast Car, Grow and Light Thieves. Plus Elk Grove's The Speed of Sound in Seawater's and Empty Eyes.

Have a listen to some Actress and enjoy some nice mellow Fresno music that's really very good:

In Town Tonight: Hammercocks [yep]


Hammercocks. It's a name that turns you on or off, no doubt. It's the name of Waco (TX) southern rock band that's stopping by Audie's Olympic tonight. Joining in on some cock hammering is Fresno's own Thrawtle and Creeping Green.

As an added bonus to the show, local podcast, Everybody's Doing It with Kris & Laura on, will be broadcasting live from Audie's.

BANDGEEK! Black Veils, White Gloves, Crooked Metal, Sad Horses, Fatty Cakes and Old Tires

Let's get some knowledge on what's doing down band-wise this weekend. Let's…BANDGEEEEK!:


AUDIE'S OLYMPIC: Fresno indie-folk-rock band The Long Black Veils headline this local rock show. Stellar support from Third Rail Power Trip and Llama Boy:


FULTON 55: Rising reggae band Sono Vero with Fresno's The White Glove Service and more:


CAFE REVUE: Forget the coffe, go to the back and rock with Lezayr and Mercy Fist:


ARTE AMERICAS: Santa Cruz' Audiafauna and some tasty Dusty Buns:


THAI PALMS: The Homegrown Fridays tradition continues, this week with Silva/Sonstegard, George Anthony and The Remedy:


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