In Town Tonight: Sonnymoon Jonti, Duck Little Brother Duck, Straight Line Stitch

CAFE INFOSHOP: A bit of Portalnd match-rock for Fresnans to run musical numbers with: Duck. Little Brother, Duck!. Plus locals Mane Horse, Asian Girls, Remember Me In Therapy and The Milford Higgins. (They As In Them and Badblood are not playing after all):


BABYLON: Contorted Records artist Straight Line Stitch. Plus Fields of Prey, Picture Me Broken, FromtheFallen and Gemanon:


FULTON 55: We know what Sahab does and it's great. Not sure about the other folks, better read up.



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In Town Tonight: Vanaprasta, The Rocketboys and The Mowglis


Let's hope Fresno can represent with more than two people tonight. Three good touring bands playing tonight headlined by Vanaprasta. The LA band recently released their debut LP Healthy Geometry to warm reviews by the likes of Filter Magazine and Google Music. Vanaprasta is a rock band with a 'stadium guitar-wave' sound. Give a listen to their tour sampler and have a few free downloads while you're at it:

Also playing are The Rocketboys. The Austin, TX band just released a new album Build Anyway and are also getting a lot of national praise for it. Have a listen here:

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Listen To This: Dorktown #116 – We’re Just Gonna Edit This Out

Dorktown flier 116

Our little podcast, Dorktown, has returned with more beer, stories of Bubba, F-Bombs, hashtags, thank yous to Todd Glass and virgins. Listen, won't you!?

Listen by playing or Download the file below:


Length 58:29
Warren Armstrong and President Obama interview.
Fashawn's "One More Try"
Russian River Brewing

Check out Dorktown's home, leave a kickass review on iTunes, like their Face and Tweet'um… you know… if you have the time or whatever.

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BANDGEEK!: Via Coma, Session, From Under The Rug, The Violet Lights, Grassroots Festival, Beetles and more

If you're a band (or anything else) it has become well known now that only about 20% of your fans on Facebook actually see your posts. Confirming that Facebook sucks cyber shit.

Well 100% of your fans will see info about you and your show if they read The Fresnan and… BANDGEEK!:


KUPPAJOE'S: Three-piece rock outfit from Lafayette, Via Coma, is touring on their new album "Figures" and are nice enough to stop in Fresno. They're hanging in Fresno with Atlas, I Do Not Exist and Le Wolves:

Via coma

FULTON 55: Local rock from Session and The White Glove Service and Sea Of Sound:


FROM UNDER THE RUG: A local publishing company called "From Under The Rug" is having a art & music show to celebrate the book release of The Many Moons All In Orbit, Volume II. The company itself is a collaboration book of local Fresnans who have contributed art, writing, photography and short stories. Bands playing are Mane Horse, Grow, Asian Girls, The Milford Higgins and Cinco:


STARLINE: Rock local with Jabu, Babel and Firecat:


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New Music Tuesday: Fashawn “One More Try”


This new one from Fresno’s Fashawn has exploded on the internets today (led by a post from Fresno Beehive). Fash integrated all kinds of Fresno in this new one called “One More Try”. He uses Fresno (cough) “legend” Timmy T’s One My Try and makes it all his own – with the help of Omar Aura.

Check the Fresnoness!

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