Why Can’t I Get More Salsa!?

Oh wait. Nobody gives a shit that I am under salsa-ed!? Fuck you. Fuck all you motherfuckers:

Your cheap ass can’t give me a decent amount of salsa for my chips? For my burrito? Fuuuuuuuck you!

Is pico-de-gallo that fucking expensive to make?

Like, your restaurant’s profit margins rely on how little salsa you give out? Get the fuck out of the business then. I need that pico, ya somebitch!

Without salsa, all your shit is worthless. WORTHLESS!!!!!!

I know what you’re thinking “Hey. Asshat! Make your own damn salsa, it’s not that hard!”

Hey you know what? Fuck you I don’t want to make it I want it made for me. And I want an appropriate amount of it.

Give me the salsa!!

I will pay for it. I don’t care. Charge me. I just want it!!!

It sucks that I have to live in a world that thinks it’s fine to not give enough salsa for chips and burritos and everything, and I seem to be the only one complaining.

File under: Super disappointed.

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Author: The Fresnan

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2 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Get More Salsa!?”

  1. Hi, Mike. Guadalajara Restaurant, near Shields and Weber, has been very generous over the years in providing my family with multiple bowls of salsa during meals. Bon appetite!

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