Livingstone’s Will Be Livingstone’s Again, but…

Behind the bar of Fresbrew

Y’all are back in Fresno tonight and, yes, Livingstone’s is back and fully operational. So you know it will be reunion time and you’ll be there trying to convince us L.A. is so fucking great (and we will know you’re full of it).

And there will be this guy too:

But if you haven’t been back to Fresno since last Thanksgiving, ya might not know Livingstone’s ’s & Strummer’s isn’t the only re-union options.

There is, of course, across the BofA parking, Goldstein’s. It will be jamming. North, down Van Ness, Full Circle Brewing took over the old Audie’s Olympic spot and Spokeasy (beer bar) is rad as always.

But the new Fresno hotness is Fresbrew. It’s a bit of a Fresno & Beer Nerd dream. Located on the South side of Olive, across from the Tower Theatre.

Located at 910 e. Olive, if you need that for your Lyft driver. Good Fresno paraphernalia on the walls, check it out.

Also, after Thanksgiving, make sure to head down to Zack’s Brewing, across Fulton, from Tioga Sequoia’s Beer Garden. Nice space and great beer.

Anyway, welcome back and enjoy the weekend!

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