Post Takeover – FUSE Fest 2012: It Begins


FUSE Fest 2012. It all starts tonight with a festival pre-party happening at The Hashtag on Wishon Row. See various FUSE Fest artists doing hella short sets, plus get your festival passes for Friday and Saturday along with FUSE Fest merch.

You can also get a sweet program you can use to start planning your festival routing. It's music nerd stuff and it's fun as hell. If you don't get a program you can start planning with this.

Get hyped by listening to all the pre-festival podcasting:

It's like Christmas Eve for Fresno music nerds. Can't wait for it to start.


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2 thoughts on “Post Takeover – FUSE Fest 2012: It Begins”

  1. “Christmas Eve for Fresno music nerds” I
    *like* it. I can see all the FUSE organzer
    folks in their little pajammies that have the
    little feet attached, their eyes twinkling.

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