Listen To These Things: Fresno Podcasts

Not sure if you ever pay attention to these posts or listen to podcasts in general but Fresno has them – there's even a new one or two. Well, over at OUR podcast blog we posted the top podcasts we listen to. And believe or not, it's not just Fresno ones.

Podcasting has had a resurgence the past couple years. Largely due to the amount of smart phones out there now making it easier for folks to listen to podcasts where and when they feel like it. Couple that with the wave of comedian hosted casts and podcast networks, and podcasting is finally a legit thing – it's ONLY taken almost eight freaking years.

Gotta say it's pretty fun seeing this medium come into its own being as Dorktown has been there since pretty much the beginning. Sucking just as bad now as it did back then – Dorktown is going on its 8th year this month, by the way. It must be said though, all respect to Flowing With Famous, Fresno's first.

Make sure to check out our Top Ten (indie and sponsored) along with some Fresno ones that are currently active:

Hopefully we can get Flowing With Famous revived one day and maybe convince folks like Taste Fresno to start up one.

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