Do This: Fill Out A ValleyWho Bracket


This ValleyWho thing by those Beehivers is genius. Like Fresno Famous said yesterday, we're pissed we didn't do this first. But, then again, it looks like it was a lot of work so screw it. Congrats, Beehive.

If you haven't figured it out yet, ValleyWho is a tournament modeled after the NCAA basketball tourney (Go Lady Dogs!) except college basketball teams are replaced by local celebrities. Everyone votes to try and get their picks moved on. Cool shit.

Before we throw our stupid opinions out there, we give a solid fist bump to the Beehive for putting this out there and creating a balanced-as-you-could-realistically-get bracket. That said, we would have like to seen Tony D, Tom Flores, Famous Whitewater, Margie Wright, Henry Ellard and the Guitar Playing Sign Twirller at Shaw & Blackstone up in there.

Some other things we feel like being a dick about:

  • Anthony Taylor a 13 seed? Seriously? That's some friends propping up friends stuff right there. Only us local Internet nerds know Taylor and we don't think he's even been around Fresno for very long, has he?
  • Parker (a 16 seed) going up against William Sorayan is worrisome. The Grizzlies are going to rally around this and probably bump Bill out in the first round. Sadness.
  • Graciela will likely be battling Bubba in the second round. Too damn early for tough decisions like this. That goes for other second round problems like Seaver vs. Radka and Tark vs. Laval.
  • Crazy Bernie is in this? Hasn't he only been around a few months? Plus, the creepy as hell picture of him on his sign and billboards insures that we will never buy furniture in that fuckers place, ever.

A printed version is in today's Bee. Go vote here. This should be fun. Check out our bracket after the jump:

[Click to enlarge]




Yep. We got Kopi beating Al Radka for the championship (people tend to forget their history). We chose more by how Fresnans would choose rather than how we would choose (true bracketology method). Our heart wants Saroyan or Al Radka winning but our head tells us that it will be Kopi.

Make sure to check the Beehive for updates and get to picking.

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4 thoughts on “Do This: Fill Out A ValleyWho Bracket”

  1. i didn’t watch the video of how they hashed out the players, but i’m sure it was tough. there are people i would put in, and definitely people i would leave out. for example, i have no idea who crazy bernie is. i’m guessing that a lot of non beehive readers have no idea who anthony taylor is. then again, i also know there are teams in the ncaa tourney i’ve never heard of. Loyola of Marland? LIU Brooklyn? Never heard of ya.
    overall, i think it’s a great idea. i hope that people actually think things through and vote intelligently. then again, i voted for waving girl.

  2. It’s been really funny seeing reactions to this list. I’m getting a kick out of seeing my life placed in a box to be qualified and quantified.
    That being said…I’d be happy to be the Gonzaga of this tournament. Count me in! BEAT K-FED NOW!!!

  3. So everyone knows, for the record, my pick of Kopi winning is based from how I think the voting will go and the people he goes up against in is regional (boy I’m taking this too seriously) and not that I personally would like to see him win.
    And be thankful, Ed, you haven’t seen that big googly-eyed picture of Crazy Bernie yet. It’s stuck in my brain forever.

  4. I am definitely doubting myself for choosing K-Fed over you. Like you said, now I have to live with publicly choosing K-Fed… shit.

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