BANDGEEK!: Strange Vine, Rademacher, Light Thieves, Gorilla Stomp, Mercy Fists and Rogue

With it being Rogue time, there's even more going on musically this weekend. Check out some Rogue Festival options on the site – we'd lay them out for ya here but there just isn't the time (you relize nobody gets paid for this crap, right?). As for the rest of Fresno's kickass music lineup… it's BANDGEEEEK!!:


AUDIE'S OLYMPIC: Almost a pop-up show with this one as it came together quick. Strange Vine is headed back to SXSW and they need Audie to send them off. Playing with Light Thieves and Style Like Revelators:


C.A.F.E. INFOSHOP: Another show at Info' that will help… The Bel-Tower (When's Info' gonna get some cash?!)… hey, whatever, it's cool either way. Playing is locals Light Thieves, Cabin Fire, El Joe of the River, Eindrah, Loverboy, plus Oakland's AYS and Santa Rosa's Teenage Sweater.

Light thieves

KUPPAJOE: Fresno rock band Mercy Fists, plus a CD release show from Running The Risk (Fresno/Los Angeles), Witzend (Sac), The Unbelievable (Fresno) and Valkyrie Missile (Fresno):

Running the risk

THE CYC: Yo it's all local and crazy with Gorilla Stomp releasing a CD and the near endless amount of bands playing:


FULTON 55: It's the return of U2 tribute band The Joshua Tree:


THAI PALMS: New Rock 104.1's Home Grow night. The local lineup is This Planet Prelude, From The Fallen and Palm Kids:


BABYLON: Reggae from where it should come from: Jamaica with Governor Tiggy:

Real reggae

CLUB RETRO: Local metalness from Your Hero is a Villain, CGR, Failed Creation, Ithedeceiver, and We Sunk the Mayflower! [$8, 7pm, 21+]


FULTON 55: When you just compelted making a trillogy and you're about to go to SXSW, you deserve to party. That's what Rademacher is doing Saturday along with Brother Luke and the Comrades, plus LA's NO.


THE LAMP POST: A night that doubles as being punk rock and Rogue with It'll Grow Back playing and Rev. Nuge performing. Seems we'll have to run back and forth from Fulton 55 and Lamp Post:


THE CYC:  Driving Change Productions presents: Take Offense (Chula Vista), Xibalba, Soul Search, Maya Over Eyes, Farooq and Bridges. [$8, 5:30, All Ages]


THE LAMP POST: Punk ass punk with Bloodshot N' Dilated (East Bay), F.Y.B and The Velisha. [$3, 8pm, 21+]

FULTON 55: Americana and blues rock from Square One and Sunset Steel. Note the start time: [Free, 1pm, 21+]


Well that's what we managed to find. If you know of a band playing, a weekend event that's not on here, or you want to talk about what IS on here or PIMP A ROGUE SHOW, please use the comment section of this post to its fullest!

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