BANDGEEK!: If You Don’t Want To See Any Of These Shows… You Suck

If you're here then you like music. Local music to be precise. Nothing else needs to be said, other than: this is BANDGEEK!:


C.A.F.E. INFOSHOP: Fresno's 'Ska Wars' – you would think this would be going down in the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tattooine but no. The lineup is Checkered Past, The White Glove Service, Valley of Ashes, Iwanaga!, For The Record and The Deadbeats:

Ska wars

STARLINE: There is no question this show is metal with Gristle, Obsidian Seraph, At The Hands Of An Architect and from Providence RI, it's night #1 in Fresno for The Empire Shall Fall. For info click:


FULTON 55: The dude (or is he a robot?) with the box on his head, Collecto, with Sci-Fi Caper:


AUDIE'S OLYMPIC: Something… beer and tunes of some sort for sure Oh wait, this just in, it's going to be a cool show of local musicians. Nevermind the flier's date it's tonight:  



AUDIE'S OLYMPIC: Great example of Fresno's hip-hop scene with B-Rawcity, Shon J, Mayfair District and more:


THE LAMP POST: Big lineup for The Lamp Post, featuring: I, Madman, Born Loser, Benny and the Vetts, It'll Grow Back, Final Threat, 5 Fingers of Death and Thrawtle!:

Lamp post

BABYLON: Night #2 for The Empire Shall Fall, this time with Tri Star Embodiment, God Fears Me, Warpath Assassians, M4R 10 and 8 Ways to Die!! For info Click:

STARLINE: First time we thinks Green Today has come through Fresno. We do like our tribute bands:





THE CYC: You should just go because of the flier alone:


Well that's what we managed to find. If you know of a band playing, a weekend event that's not on here, or you want to talk about what IS on here, please use the comment section of this post to its fullest!

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