BANDGEEK!: A Busy Weekend Like This Just Makes Fresno That Much More Kick Ass

Welcome to our Bandgeek post, friend. Hope you can get your ass out there this weekend and put all this info to use. Now is the time when we Bandgeek:


THE CYC: We usually try to lead off with our favorite flier of the particular day, this show has our favorite for sure… too killer. Plus it also has The Milford Higgins, Mane Horse, Remember Me In Therapy, Indian Taker, A Place Called Home and Hella Down!:


KUPPAJOE'S: The venue is back from vacation and featuring Culprit, Clouds Like Mountains, Children of Nova and Paragon of Animals. Details:


THE RANCH: Happy to see Religious Appeal come back with another Mixtape Party. This one features very excellent local bands Elmo Marconi, Light Thieves, Fast Car and Achievement House. If you're wondering how a mixtape party works, Religious Appeal breaks it down:

Create a mixed CD/tape of whatever song you'd like (takes are HIGHLY encouraged) and hand over your tape at the door. You'll receive a wristband to redeem for a different mixtape at the end of the night.

Get creative with the mixes! Write down your contact info to let people know who you are. Place your mix in an envelope, old DVD case, cigar box or whatever you'd like. Some favorite submissions from the past:

– a tape wrapped in foil, placed in a bag of fake blood
– a tape with nothing else but Mark Morrison's Return Of The Mack
– A CD/tape combo
– A person's old mix from when they were 14.

More info:

Religious appeal

THE LAMP POST: Show featuring Westerns, All Good Things (Where have they been?) and Hocus Opus:

Lamp post

THAI PALMS: Homegrown music from The Dirty Dirties, Drexl and No Halo:

Dirty dirties

FULTON 55: You may remember '90s rock band Firehose. You may, we kinda think maybe we do. One dude who knows them and knows this is a important show is Famous Whitewater. They're on their way to Coachella, which is cool because we get to remember who they are before they do. There seems to be no flier for this one but tickets and info can be found here. [$20, 9:30, 21+]

JOE'S STEAKHOUSE: They're having a post Grizzlies Opening Night party with drinks, a late night menu and music from The Dirty Stomp. First 50 that come for the show get a Tioga Sequoia pint glass. [9-11pm, Free, All Ages]

C.A.F.E. INFOSHOP: A noisepop band all the way from London: Human Wave Attack. Punk from Petaluma with Puke N Rally. Fresno ska from Iwanaga. Punk from King City with Set Aside. Plus Chico thrash band, Chingado. [7pm, $3, All Ages]

FRESNO BREWING COMPANY: Hanging out listening to music from Trial, Culture's Breed, and One Last Caress. [7:30 pm, Free, All Ages]

BABYLON: There's a lot of DJ action plus there's Spacehooker and Snuggleblade. [7pm, $5, 21+]

FULL CIRCLE BREW: Locals Passion Bucket plus Accordion Babes. [7:30, $7, 21+]


C.A.F.E. INFOSHOP: Dang dude, Friday night Infoshop had a band from London and this show has a band from Australia called Post Paint. Also Stockton punk band 9:00 News with locals It'll Grow Back, Still Stoked, Sci-Fi Caper and more:


AUDIE'S OLYMPIC: Exciting stuff 'cause it's a CD release party for Lance Canales and the Flood. Throw in Motel Drive and you've got yourself a show, bro:

STARLINE: Some good Fresnans are putting on a nice benefit for the local animal rescue organization A.R.F. It's called Woofstock. There is a mix of stuff happening, including comedians and bands like Born Betty, Don't Tell Her That and Snake Eye Syndicate. [9pm, $10, 21+]

FULTON 55: The always popular and semi local Stone Foxes and more:


THE CYC: Affiance, Kady! Danger, Art By Numbers, Pillars, ITheDeceiver and more:


Well that's what we managed to find. If you know of a band playing, a weekend event that's not on here, or you want to talk about what IS on here, please use the comment section of this post to its fullest!

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  1. Mike Watt inspired me through the Minutemen…firehose continued to fly that flag—they’re the cooluncles of Indie..not as a some sort of style for radio programmers to pigeon-hole,but as an approach and as an attitude (and on top of that, they do rock…oh yes, they do rock.)..
    if you aren’t driving up to Sacramento to see Trike Shop Saturday night (aren’t you??) can tune them in on a live webcast at at about 8:10–8:15…you just press the big Magic Twirl button on the site for audio.

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