BANDGEEK!: Via Coma, Session, From Under The Rug, The Violet Lights, Grassroots Festival, Beetles and more

If you're a band (or anything else) it has become well known now that only about 20% of your fans on Facebook actually see your posts. Confirming that Facebook sucks cyber shit.

Well 100% of your fans will see info about you and your show if they read The Fresnan and… BANDGEEK!:


KUPPAJOE'S: Three-piece rock outfit from Lafayette, Via Coma, is touring on their new album "Figures" and are nice enough to stop in Fresno. They're hanging in Fresno with Atlas, I Do Not Exist and Le Wolves:

Via coma

FULTON 55: Local rock from Session and The White Glove Service and Sea Of Sound:


FROM UNDER THE RUG: A local publishing company called "From Under The Rug" is having a art & music show to celebrate the book release of The Many Moons All In Orbit, Volume II. The company itself is a collaboration book of local Fresnans who have contributed art, writing, photography and short stories. Bands playing are Mane Horse, Grow, Asian Girls, The Milford Higgins and Cinco:


STARLINE: Rock local with Jabu, Babel and Firecat:


FULL CIRCLE BREWERY: There is a rumor that American rock and country band, The Yawpers (Boulder, CO), are rolling though town, but that's all we know on this.


Lamp post

AUDIE'S OLYMPIC: Los Angels rock duo, The Violet Lights, are kicking off the second leg of their North American Tour, here in Fresno. Check the event page for more info on the band and show! [$5, 9pm, 21+]  *Glen Delpit and the Subterraneans are having their "dance party" from 7-9 before this show.

BABYLON: Thrash and metal – a "Metal Masquerade" actually – with Gristle, Evisceration, Fetalis and Obsidian Seraph. [$5, 9pm, 21+]


C.A.F.E. INFOSHOP: Heads up, early start for this biguns Grassroots Festival in Chinatown! There are just too many bands (a good thing) for us to list here. Some of them being Grooveyard, It'll Grow Back, The Normandys and more. Check the event page for a full list of the flier below:


STARLINE: There is no need for multiple bands on this bill because Fresno's best Beatles tributers, The Beetles, will be playing for THREE hours! From 'Don't Let Me Down' to 'Baby You're A Rich Man' and 'Hey Bulldog' to 'From Me To You'. Info:


KUPPAJOE'S: A rare Saturday show at Kuppa brings Leaders (Facedown Records) with The Vera Project (San Jose), Before Kings, Failed Creation and Hotel Books:


AUDIE'S OLYMPIC: After you watch Fresnans die for a ice rink, come join The Soulflower Group at Audie's:


THE RANCH: This one came out of nowhere:

The ranch

FULTON 55: Something a little different, check out Greg Ginn and The Royal We:


LITTLE LEAF TEA: House specials and Garth Clifton, Robert, Danny Lango and Restaurnaut. [Free, 7pm, All Ages]




Well that's what we managed to find, but we admit we don't know everything. If you know of a band playing, a weekend event that's not on here, or you want to talk about what IS on here, please use the comment section of this post to its fullest!

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