BANDGEEK!: Looks Like It’s ‘Who Gives A Shit About Making A Flier!?’ Weekend In Fresno

We like fliers. They give info so we don't have to search it out and type it into a blog post. Plus they're sometimes pretty to look at and they give some weight to a show. Just a little pro tip to all you venue owners and promoters. Yeah, I know you're thinking "But I already know this, you asshole blogger!" Do you?…Do you?

Props to those with fliers this week. This is…BANDGEEEEEK!:


THAI PALMS: New Rock 104.1 and The Antourage present Home Grown with This Planet Prelude, No Cause For Alarm and Tommy Marquez:


THE LAMP POST: Fresno's Llama Boy will rock the art right off the Lamp Posts wall – you should be there for it:


STARLINE: Rock with Death Alley Motor Cult, Hammer Down Sindrum, Spacehooker and TangenT. [$5, 8pm, 21+]


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INCOMING!: Swede Fest 9 – Deadline Looms


Fresno's 9th Swede Fest – maybe the most unique event out of Fresno – is next Thursday the 24th. And there is still time to get your entry in this year's festival. The deadline is Sunday before Midnight. As a added bonus, this time around you can see your Swede in an actual movie theater!


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Listen To This!: Dorks In 60 Years – Dorktown Podcast #114


It happened once over at DI60Y: two local fowl-mouthed and swarthy podcasters coming together on one episode. You would have thought these two would've learned from that episode never to 'cross streams' again – too much shit talking for one person's ears to take.

They did not learn. In this episode of Dorktown, a majority of the DI60Y crew joins Bells, Mikey and Producer B in the Dork studio for a meta local podcast. There's talk of:

  • Bullard parties.
  • Podcast history lessons.
  • DI60Y's beginnings.
  • The crews current local video project, Who Eats Brunch.
  • How do you get free beer?
  • REMOTE: More meta podcasting with the Married Gamers.
  • Local celeb loving and bashing.
  • Will DI60Y make a Swede this time?

Everybody has regrets after this one. You should totally listen.

To hear this, stream or download this file:

Click some WEB videos and help DI60Y out.

Dorktown's Facebook. Dorktown's Twitter.
Check Dorktown on iTunes and maybe leave a review or something.


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BANDGEEK!: Mom Loves Some Metal and American Rock To Go With Her Weekend, Trust Us

There is good music all around Fresno, you just gotta know where to find it. Find it here. It's time to… BANDGEEEEEK!


KUPPAJOE'S: We have faith that Jesus will be head-banging at this show with I The Mighty, Mercury Bullet, Stories In Braille and Corsair:


AUDIE'S OLYMPIC: Fresno's Light Theives with the newness of Ghost Skin Coat…or something like that:

That guy kevin

CYC: Metal and hardcore from ITheDeceiver, Murder My Hero, Behold The Device, Sagas and Embrace The Nightmare:


SPECTRUM ART GALLERY: Art it up with music from Sahab and Former Selves:


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Music In Fresno Tonight: Three Bad Jacks, Motel Drive, Portlanders and Asian Girls

There's been multiple shows every night this week for Fresno. Tonight the streak continues with at Audie's with L.A.'s Three Bad Jacks, plus Fresno's Motel Drive and Wilmington punk ska from Left Alone:


And at C.A.F.E. Infoshop, Portland's Whitman, plus Ezra, El Joe The River, Restaurnaut, Dovves and Asian Girls:

Also tonight, Ron Thompson & His Resisters are hanging out at Babylon.

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