Westwood’s Is Open For The Pro-Pandemic Continuation Community

I heard over the weekend that Westwood’s Spice & Things [close enough] was seating people inside and it was PACKED! Like, security directing traffic in the parking lot, packed.

Then this happened:

We can’t get our dumb ass out of the purple. Why can’t Clovis start their own County and leave us alone!? (I also have heard that many Clovis restaurants don’t care about the Pandemic either)

So I gut-reaction-tweeted and a certain NE Fresno dude quoted it:

Man, I don’t know *exhales* *runs fingers through hair* *exhales again* … I don’t know why I engaged with Fresno’s child. I have spent years walking away and not saying anything. Because why, really? The dude doesn’t get it and loves attention, so why bother with him? But I did:

Maybe it was the half of a 7.5% IPA I was drinking or maybe it was him using my tweet for his own means, but I finally acknowledged the dude. Of course, I had to use a Star Wars reference as a safe space.

Look, man. You do your thing. If you just GOTTA eat INSIDE that restaurant and gather with a bunch of other people, during a Pandemic, all while much of the staff hasn’t been able to get vaccinated yet and are risking their lives and their family’s lives so you can own the Libs or whatever, I can’t stop ya.

I’ll continue getting take-out and tipping as much as I can, maybe eating in a patio someday. It’s really only a couple months more, guys. Westwoods will still be there.