Does Steve Kornacki Know Fresno? A Lame Investigation

I think Election Map God, Steve Kornacki, knows the Fresno area more than a regular person.

When he was running through California counties counting up recall numbers Tuesday night, whenever a San Joaquin Valley county would come up he would make a point to mention “San Joaquin Valley.”

And when Fresno County came up, he stopped to talk about the numbers – nothing extra there but just saying.

Here is the kicker though: when Madera came up he made sure to mention it was “20 minutes from Fresno” which is correct and would be an odd fact to know if you didn’t spend time here.

Even with Steve’s unique knowledge of American county geography, the Madera to Fresno thing is unique.

Let’s see where Steve is from:

Nothing there.

Welp 🤷🏼, that’s all the investigating I have the energy for. Good job as always, Steve.

Anyway, back to Fresno…I love that my eye kept going to Fresno on the map. Partially because of bias I am sure, but also because your eye wants to look at the center.

To recap:

  • Good on Fresno for being centered.
  • I don’t mind Steve knowing things about Fresno, however he knows them.


Mystery solved by the man himself!!! ❤️

Best 10 minute post I have ever written.