I Didn’t Think The Livingstones Fire Was All That Bad, Then I Saw The Pictures

Tower District legend and Fresno staple, Livingstone’s, caught fire overnight. “Holy shit!”, right?

The initial report I heard was the fire was confined to the back, and it involved a tree, nobody was hurt, and Livingstone’s won’t be closed for more than two or three days. Damn, that sucks, but at least it was just a little thing and everyone is cool.

But then I saw these pictures from the Fresno Fire Department:

Yep. That is more than a few days of work there. Damn.

It will actually be closed at least 20 days. That means their 30 employees will be out of work for a month during Christmas.

So being the supportive family the Tower District is, a GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help make them ends meet. Gotta meet the ends, yo.

Please go check it out. Help your little favorite not-so-speakeasy-but-totally-feels-like-one place and donate.