Nerd Alert: I Like The Arrivals & Departure Boards At Airports

Arrivals & Departures at Fresno Yosemite International

Sorry but I think they are cool.

Even our smallish one at Fresno Yosemite International is pleasing.

Seeing other cities linked to Fresno I guess is what does it for me. I like big info boards in general though.

[That’s it. Just wanted to say that. ✌️]

Why Can’t I Get More Salsa!?

Oh wait. Nobody gives a shit that I am under salsa-ed!? Fuck you. Fuck all you motherfuckers:

Your cheap ass can’t give me a decent amount of salsa for my chips? For my burrito? Fuuuuuuuck you!

Is pico-de-gallo that fucking expensive to make?

Like, your restaurant’s profit margins rely on how little salsa you give out? Get the fuck out of the business then. I need that pico, ya somebitch!

Without salsa, all your shit is worthless. WORTHLESS!!!!!!

I know what you’re thinking “Hey. Asshat! Make your own damn salsa, it’s not that hard!”

Hey you know what? Fuck you I don’t want to make it I want it made for me. And I want an appropriate amount of it.

Give me the salsa!!

I will pay for it. I don’t care. Charge me. I just want it!!!

It sucks that I have to live in a world that thinks it’s fine to not give enough salsa for chips and burritos and everything, and I seem to be the only one complaining.

File under: Super disappointed.

Wind Storm Day In Fresno

A windyass, brown, dusty day in Fresno

It was a weird one in Fresno today. A full day of strong wind gusts reminded me I could never live in a windy place. It flipping sucks.

I was on the Clinton overpass over 99 today where you can see a lot of the city and it was just dust everywhere. More surreal than the wildfire days.

For a second I thought the Sunrise Market sign might go:

This is nothing exciting but it’s a clip of Canadian geese coming in for a landing behind the Save Mart at Bullard & West:

Thank goodness this was just a freak day. Not a fan. (FAN? …. 😜)