5 Weird Places Fresnans Get Spam/Telemarking Calls From

Why does the 559 get the spam and telemarking calls from such weird-ass places?

Here are the top 5 I have gotten calls from:

  1. Badger, California.

Is this a real place? Do they mean Badger Pass? Is it Badger from Breaking Bad? It’s actually a spot in the woods that is East of Fresno but technically in Tulare County. The only thing there is a place called Seven Circles Retreat. I feel like I don’t want to REALLY know what goes on there so I’m going to leave this one alone. Still like to think it’s Badger though.

2. Loomis, California.

It sounds like a condition, not a place. It’s Northeast of Sacramento by Folsom Prison. Hey, that’s the place Johnny Cash shot a man just to watch him bleed, right? Wait … … no that’s right.

3. Moorpark, California.

Moorpark? More like ummmmm, MOORAFILL park!

4. Parlier, California.

Alright, well, this is not weird. We all know Parlier as the place on the way to Bakersfield where 99 curves a bit, wait no, that’s PIXLEY. I don’t know what goes on there. But I get a lot of random Parlier calls, okay.

5. Miramonte, California.

Isn’t that, like, an Air Force base or some shit? Where they blast rockets off into space and junk? No, that’s Miramar. Oh no, Miramar is the base in San Diego. Vandenberg is the Air Force base where they occasionally scare people with their launches:

Were Those UFOs Over Fresno Saturday?

No, those were not UFOs over Fresno’s evening sky. We now know (thanks to this ABC 30 post) they were Internet Balloons or whatever.

I noticed them last evening (the two bright dots in the top right of my picture above) while staring at stuff. I first thought “Am I seeing something cool finally?”

Then thought “Nope. There is no way YOU, Mikey, are seeing something cool. There must be an explanation.” Last night I figured I was seeing a couple of stars shining through the atmosphere brighter than normal because of …. space reasons.

But now we know they were something called Project Loon (click it to find out more). This was the flight path of one of the balloons:

I’ll keep looking up. Maybe one day it will be something cooler than a balloon. Here is a video about Loon:

Thankful for a Black Lives Matter Day in Fresno & Black Owned Businesses In Fresno

Well done City Of Fresno for declaring June 18th, Black Lives Matter Day in the City Of Fresno!

Well done Fresnans for showing up last Thursday, on a workday, to make such a wonderful piece of art.

Well done Fresno State NAACP, once again.

Well done Craig Kohlruss for the great pic (at top) and story in the Bee.

Keep the momentum going everyone!

*A good Juneteenth link to check out.

*Donate to good things here.

Here is a great map (via @mikeoz) of Black owned food businesses you can search out:

Black owned restaurants in Fresno

Wear A Damn Mask, Fresno [Food Truck Edition]

I’d like to thank THESE folks for wearing masks

You guys.

*dissapointed sigh*

*gathers thoughts*

Sorry to get into ‘dad mode’ but not enough of you are wearing masks out there at the food trucks. At least not Saturday, Downtown, in the lot across from Tioga.

I would say 55% masked, 45% not. #Math

Sure that’s a good number if you’re in NE Fresno. But Downtown, youz guys are supposed to be paying attention to shit.

I’m not talking about people eating, distanced away from things. Obviously you can’t wear one then. Just talking about people, walking around, waiting in line, ORDERING FOOD WITHOUT A MASK.

Here is a handy checklist for ya non-mask wearing folks:

  • Screw the person taking your order.
  • Screw the person in front of you.
  • Screw the people behind you.

This is why we’ll all have to stay home again come October, No Mask Guy.

Anyway. I still managed to enjoy my first truck tacos in three months, thanks for asking.

Support Fresno’s Black-Owned Restaurants and Everything Else

I first saw this flyer on @MikeOz’s Instagram feed. I’m sure you’ve seen it, still wanted to pass it along.

Also found via Mike Oz, Fresno artist @Roeskidoeski, inspired by Fresno’s recent rally:

Make sure to check out what Fresno State NAACP is doing. They posted some sobering facts:

Henry Madden Library at Fresno State put together some good related links you can check out here.

Some more ways (via @Devoya) to help:

Stay safe. Listen to those that know.